10 Great Ideas For Your Honeymoon Destination

10 Great Ideas For Your Honeymoon Destination
July 11, 2013 Yomi Jegede

A lot of times when people think or talk about where to do their honeymoon, usually just one or two places come to mind and they end up missing the better opportunities. I have done a lot of research before coming up with what I will say is my top ten honeymoon destination. I hope this will help you gain a wider perspective.


Honeymooners find historic structures and natural beauty around every corner of Greece. Many relaxing and beautiful options for a honeymoon. Islands that make you feel at home away from home. Beautiful deep blue seas that make everything attractive. There are over 20 resorts that offer numerous interesting activities. The weather is mostly good.



Good architecture, lovely cuisine. There are so many historic icons, Hotel Sari Konak in Istanbul is probably the place to be, very beautiful and it’s within walking distance of many historic sites. If you love adventure and sightseeing, Turkey is the place for you.


Pristine white sand between your toes, ocean breezes, rustling palm trees, sweet aromas of tropical flowers wafting through the air, distant sounds of drums and harmonious stunning sunsets reflecting water. Various choices of activities to indulge in which includes swimming, wind surfing, water skiing, bowling and so on.


Italy has perfect conditions for a romantic honeymoon. 3000 years of history, culture and cuisine. The flair of Rome enters under your skin and the breathtaking architecture is unforgettable. The small streets of Venice make you feel like you’re exploring an imaginary place. Treasures all around the streets of Florence make the experience incomparable. The temperature is great, the people are pleasant and the scenery is beautiful.



Paris is often referred to as the most beautiful city in the world and it’s also the home of fashion, if you love shopping, it’s the perfect place for you. Apart from its beauty, France is also known for its gastronomy, history and culture. You can visit Disneyland, sip coffee on a river barge, you can ski, hike, surf and so much more plus there are so many great restaurants in France.


Jamaica is a very beautiful place. It gives couples a mix of Jamaica’s special laid back feeling with the excitement of diverse Island, it gives you a feeling that everything is good. A lot of great activities during the day, at night you enjoy fine dining in truly wonderful restaurants.


Australia is a place of natural beauty and excitement. It’s a very peaceful place and the people are very friendly and accommodating. You can have the adventure of your life and you can just relax the whole time if it’s what you prefer. Australia is blessed with good weather, cool winters and warm summers.


A honeymoon in Mexico offers some of the most diverse travel experiences in the world. The people are awesome, the food is great and the country’s history has left significant architectural and cultural imprints throughout the land. It’s perfect for honeymoon; many honeymooners never even get a near beach experience. There is simply too many things to do.



Hawaii is the favorite island paradise for both US mainlanders and visitors from around the world. The islands offer wonderful beach-side resorts, diverse activities for a casual atmosphere that is perfect for newlyweds. You can choose to take in the amazing natural sites, enjoy unique natural specialties. There is no shortage of activities and the weather is fantastic.


Honeymoon couples find romance and fun all day long and into the night. The island is bright and breezy with year round sunshine, amazing azure water. The Caribbean paradise offers you a colorful world away from home – with so much to do; it’s the perfect place to do nothing at all.


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