Leadership: The Misunderstood Culture.

Leadership: The Misunderstood Culture.
August 23, 2013 Temidayo Mabinuola

The leadership culture is the type that is occasionally studied, understood and practiced. Anytime you get problem solved, then a leader must have been responsible for that.

The world today is in search of good leaders. Almost all positions are managed by managers. Not all managers are leaders but all leaders are managers. A manager uses methods other managers have used which made them fail while a leader will always profer solutions to highlighted problems.

Who is a leader? Many definitions before now have been given to describe a leader; I have concluded with a definition. “A leader is someone who has recognized an ability and is ready to use that ability to help other people get better without expecting a return”.-Temidayo Mabinuola (2013).

Leadership is all about Influence and service. Leadership all over the world has been misunderstood which is a reason problems generate from problem instead of  problem being solved.

Leadership is not position. You can be a person without any position or title and be more influential that the President of a nation. It is about what can be done for others and not what can be done for you.

Leadership is not imitation. Imitation brings about limitation.  Every good leader always has a unique identity. The world today is made up of many managers due to imitation which is one of the reasons problem persist.

Leaders do not look for followers. leaders were once followers. Take for example you are in a heavy traffic and you decide to violate the rules of traffic by facing the on-coming vehicles in an unruly environment. After few minutes, you will discover to see other vehicles at your back. One thing I have discovered is that if you focus on whatever you are doing, you will see others willing to follow you no matter what it will cost them.

Characteristics of a Good Leader

Purpose: Purpose is the reason for existence. Without purpose there cannot be success or fulfillment in whatever you do. “When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable” No person or product lives or exists without purpose. Purpose adds meaning to your life. In the rules of priority, purpose must be known before being a leader. Purpose is provided majorly to solve problem.

Vision: Vision is very powerful in a leader’s life. Everyone has the ability to see no matter your physical disabilities. Vision works with the mind. With vision, you create the picture of the future with the help of the mind.
Vision differentiates a good leader from other people. Vision is a point in your life when you discover your purpose as a leader. Many potential leaders lack vision. Vision must be written in order for you to run with it. One person can see a vision but everybody in that community is meant to run with the vision to achieve good success. It is the duty of the leader to make available the vision to everyone in his/her constituency. Everybody must be able to understand the vision in order to achieve set goals.

Good Character: Character is who you are when no one is watching you. Character is the person you are when you are in the dark place. It amazes me when people change attitude in just a second just because of events or external forces. Character is like a statue. In the dark, under the sun, in the rain, a statue remains the same. Without a good character, followers will not be able to speak well of you. A person of good character sometimes assume the post of a leader without being voted.

Role Model or Mentor: Nobody is perfect and you cannot see everything around you, that is why you need friends to help you check your back while you move forward. Every exceptional leader has a role model or mentor who must have been shaping him or her for the future. Good leadership is not just sudden, it’s gradual.

When you are in a position of leadership, see it as an opportunity and not a right because when opportunity is not utilized, it can end up as disaster.

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