Hone Your Leadership Skills By Becoming A Compelling Speaker

Hone Your Leadership Skills By Becoming A Compelling Speaker
November 19, 2014 Nishant

Whether we’re holding a speech in front of an audience or marketing our business at a team meeting, speaking in public is something we’re forced to do every once in awhile. Some are excellent speakers, others not so much. A leader must have superb speaking abilities otherwise he can’t win the respect of his subordinates. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs, CEOs, and managers dread public speaking because it’s something that creates concern and anxiety.

“Can the audience see how nervous I am?”, “What if I lose my temper?”, “Do I have what it takes to grab their attention?” These are just 3 out of tens of questions a leader may have in his head during a public speech. Rather than have such a negative attitude, why don’t you think of the bright side? Maintain a positive attitude and have a goal; it will help you make a point and sound engaging. Here are some more tips for leaders to help them become compelling speakers.

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Sound public speaking abilities matter

Why is it so important to be a good public speaker? In business, it’s not just important but imperative to be able to have a conversation and convince people to get on your side. The simplest, most efficient way of doing that is through your leadership abilities. Our skills make us who we are; the way we speak in front of an audience can persuade, influence, disgust, and create empathy or hatred and more. In order to become a compelling speaker, one must master the art of communication. If you can do that, your chances of making people feel secure and protected in your presence are highly enhanced.

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Make proper plans

Business leaders should start by planning their communication adequately. There are certain tools you can use such as Monroe’s Motivated Sequence or the Rhetorical Triangle. Find a way to engage your audience from the first couple of seconds. The best way to create intrigue is to come up with a killer beginning for your speech. Tell a story or highlight an interesting fact that resonates with the people standing in front of you.

Never stop practicing

They say that practice makes perfect, which makes total sense. Although some people are natural-born orators, others are not that good at crafting a presentation. Anxiety, nervousness, and concern are feelings we get when we’re compelled to deliver speeches. Fortunately, the more we practice the higher chances we have to perfect our abilities and become skilled speakers. Start working on your abilities in front of a mirror. Assess your gestures, tone of voice and body language. Think about what your audience would like to hear and engage their attention by revealing your true personality.

How to engage an audience

Engaging an audience during a public speech is easier said than done. However, it’s something you have to doin order to isolate yourself from the people standing in front of you. Bewitch them with your words and they won’t have time to criticize your clothes, haircut, shoes, and so on. As soon as you’re allowed to speak, make sure to avoid fillers such as “umm…” People want to see to talk in a coherent, interesting way not stutter. Stuttering sends a negative sign; it usually means you’ve come at the meeting unprepared.

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Watch your body language

Body language matters a lot in public speaking because it reveals valuable information about the speaker’s inner state. Those who don’t trust what they’re saying may seem nervous, while those who actually believe in themselves are confident and determined. It’s tough to appear believable in front of an audience. As a leader, you must emit poise and respect in order to win people on your side. Are you convincing enough?

Whether you’re the director of a marketing company, an important CEO or an entrepreneur, it is essential to be a good public speaker. Sound speaking abilities are required for businesses that want to make it to the top. Apart from being convincing in front of investors and customers, your job as a leader is to keep your employees convinced as well. You should be their teacher and the only way to do that is through public speaking. Be genuine and you won’t just win people but also a rock-solid reputation!

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