Five ACCA Examination Tips to Success

Five ACCA Examination Tips to Success
May 20, 2015 Howayda Alame

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA in general was founded in 1904 and is a global professional accounting body. In June 2014, a survey revealed that it’s one of the fastest and largest growing body with members exceeding beyond 170,000 and nearly 385,000 students across 180 countries. Headquarter is in London with principal administration office in Glasgow whereas a vast network of 91 accredited offices and institutions is located worldwide.

Five ACCA Examination Tips to Success1

Just as the title depicts, a student enrolled in ACCA study basic to advance accounting and management with 14 different subjects. Study is quite strenuous with loads of bulky books but the end reward plus career initiatives are truly worth it. A successful candidate is awarded a certificate which is globally accepted thus opening employment doorways in small and multi-national organizations. If you’ve just enrolled in the program and looking for some helpful exam tips, check out below!


Before preparing for your next exam, use a subtle approach and don’t wait for preceding paper result as it can take two months, every second is precious for ACCA studies. Decide which subject to pick and prepare for, set a study timetable that mustn’t coincide with family commitments. Don’t just read through the books but practice as much as possible because accounting is quite identical to mathematics only more tricky. Your mind mustn’t drift anywhere else, especially no daydreaming when studying or else failure is expected. Be motivated; think about the bright and successful career that awaits you!

Getting Familiar with Curriculum & Pattern

Read and comprehend the syllabus carefully to help you familiarize with primary concepts along with paper pattern. Topics pretty much elucidate the difficulty level such as beginner, intermediate and professional. For in-depth knowledge, don’t skip any topic while perform additional research over the internet where multiple resources are available alongside past year paper to give you an idea. Read all to perform well throughout the ACCA syllabus and course.

Object Oriented Approach

Set targets to achieve each day which means cover certain topics of at-least a single subject and follow the trick daily. Try solving past papers once in a week to see where you stand and how much further improvement is required. Your first approach mustn’t be time oriented as it’s just to evaluate concept but don’t always follow the technique. Remember you’ll be given two to three hours so try solving it within the time-frame, that goes for home as well.

Clearing the Concept

Be perceptive; it means try to understand the concept behind a specific topic. One of the reasons most students leave ACCA studies in the middle is lack of subject understanding and weak foundation. What’s the reason to study a particular topic? Where it’ll help you in professional career? Answer these questions to help you move further down the road as each subject/topic is linked with another in more than one ways.

Ask the Teacher

Having trouble with a particular topic? Don’t be embarrassed asking a teacher, a senior student or one of your friends for instance. Never let your personal feelings or hesitation comes in between or else things will keep piling up, eventually resulting in a deadlock.


No doubt ACCA studies are tough, the above tips are perfect ingredients to attempt ACCA examination dauntingly.

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