Developing an Authentic Leadership: Need of the Hour!

Developing an Authentic Leadership: Need of the Hour!
July 18, 2016 Swati Srivastava

As today’s global work environment gives more emphasis on bringing transparency in communication, policies and work style, the definition of leadership has evolved. ‘Authentic’ leadership is a term we hear more often in the corporate scenario, training courses and feedback sessions

But what is authentic leadership and why it is imperative in the present business world?

I’ve an answer to all your queries!

Leadership traits have a significant and direct impact on employee satisfaction and engagement. Throughout my experiences in leadership role for the last five years, I have been guiding more young managers about the importance of employee motivation, communication and engagement. Authenticity is now seen as a must for all professionals in leadership roles.

Authentic leadership is an approach or a leadership style that lays emphasis on building the leader’s legitimacy through ethical practices, honesty and relationship building. They are positive people who promote openness and create future leaders.

Anyone genuinely aiming to become an authentic leader can develop this through hard work and dedication. Here’s what an authentic leader should be like:

  • Focus on the long term:Be patient and invest time in nurturing every individual in your team. Focusing on quarterly targets is vital, but achieving long-term vision is the key focus area for authentic leaders.
  • Connect with people: I believe this trait is a major factor for building authenticity. Connecting with people is required to understand what motivates or encourages them to be with your organization. All successful leaders understand that there needs to be a perfect balance between leading with your heart and head! Communicating with your team is necessary to develop empathy.
  • Genuine and self-aware:Being self-aware helps you to be well-informed about your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. I’ve always seen these leaders are genuine and fearless to bring out their real selves in front of others. Unlike many diplomatic people, their behavior doesn’t change with different people.
  • Mission-driven: They work for a mission and believe in achieving it. The goal of the organization comes before their personal interests like power, ego or convenience.
  • Learn from experiences: I’ve seen these people learning from their experiences. Through persistence, they learn from feedback and prefer to stay grounded.

Organizations are rapidly going global, but how willingly and efficiently you adapt changes in work style?   

In order to create a successful workplace and a dedicated team of employees, discover your authentic leadership now.

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