7 Reasons Why Great Teachers Make Good Leaders

7 Reasons Why Great Teachers Make Good Leaders
November 9, 2016 Leaders Hub

If we look at the core definition of leadership, we see that it means that is the quality that someone possesses to guide the team on a path as required for its success. These leaders have extremely good problem-solving skills which make the stand out from the rest. The most important factor that makes them what they are is they can create future leaders; in other words, they are the ones that nurture young professionals into leaders that can take their position in the future. Now, coming back to the topic, you may wonder why great teachers make good leaders?

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Nowadays in the start-up age, we can often see how entrepreneurs inspire other entrepreneurs to find their own way. These are in fact teachers that have mentored the young geniuses to make their own impact in the industry. This has also been present for ages in many corporate organisations; though not that conspicuous. Following are seven reasons why great teachers make good leaders anywhere they go:

Classroom to company culture

Great teachers build from scratch a completely competitive classroom culture which is congenial to the success of each student. The biggest challenge for them is that they have to repeat the same success every year. This is why great teachers are respected by their students for creating a classroom environment that benefits their growth, which is the very reason that one can expect the same when it comes to corporate culture. Great leaders build a strong culture, system. They make the whole working process innovative, which in return attracts the best minds in the industry.

They know how to set the limit

What is one of the biggest characteristics of a good teacher? He knows the limits of the classroom as to what extent they can learn or grow in a single academic year. They create the syllabus accordingly and do not put extra pressure which is not otherwise necessary. The same goes with great leaders; they know to what extent the team can achieve and they set the goals accordingly. Making impractical targets is going to put the team on a lot of pressure affecting the overall work.

A positive influencer

A great teacher is a good communicator, which is essential for any effective leader. Communication here not only means the ability to dissipate knowledge to the students but also means the ability to interact with the students to understand their interests, their problems and their ideas. This makes them a positive influencer and a role model who the students can look up to whenever they need. The same goes for a good leader; he is someone who can guide and communicate with the team positively.

Knows how to utilise the skills of each member

For a teacher to help the students to become successful they need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of the members. A good teacher knows how to make each student learn according to their strengths and work their weaknesses so that they are able to get success. A leader is same in that way, they have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and utilise their skills accordingly. This will result in the higher effectiveness of their work.

Great teachers show empathy

Everybody makes mistakes and it is not a thing that can be avoided always. People have problems in their lives and begin to sway away from their original path. Great teachers empathise and understand the emotional changes of the students to help them get back on track. Great leaders also know when their team members go through a rough emotional patch and help them to get back their efficiency at work through support and mentorship.

To grow you need to learn, which they do

Learning is a never ending process and only through continued development you can grow. Great teachers are never afraid to say they have not learned everything and there are still spaces to grow. Great leaders are the same; they do not show that they are the know-it-all in the team and are open to new ideas from the team members.


Quick to embrace changes

Change is an inevitable thing. Everything changes; what was once thought to be the right answer might not be after some years. Even there might be new administration changes and policies that govern the teacher-student relationship. But, good teachers know this and changes with time. This is the same with great leaders. They can adapt to the changing environment and act quickly so that the team is not affected.

There is a term called ‘transformational leadership” which describes how leaders can adapt according to the needs of the team. Leadership gained through teaching can be rightly associated with it as it plays an important role in inspiring the members

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