Jobs You Can Get If You Study Literature

Jobs You Can Get If You Study Literature
December 2, 2016 Kabir Raja


There’s a lot more to literature than just studying pages after pages. People often find education in literature a bit dull, as it has not that much of a career perspective. Well, if you too think like that, then let me assure you that you’re wrong. Studying literature is the path to learning more about the people, history and the background of our existence; it basically provides us with knowledge about ourselves and surroundings. Apart from its educational contribution, studying literature provides plenty of job opportunities in different sectors. Here are some of the most prominent job sectors or posts, for which one becomes aptly eligible by studying literature.

Teaching and Academic Sector

The primary job sector where you can find your literature degree very useful is teaching and academic profession. A career in teaching in literature does require the thorough and deep knowledge of the subject. By studying literature, not only you’ll be able to teach the students; but also you can work in different academic sectors in any institutes. Tutoring, teaching in various educational organizations, mentoring, authoring a book or contributing to research projects are just some of the main fields related to academics where you can get an ideal job.

Different Content Writing Career

Content writing is actually a vast field with various spheres. If you study literature, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you, where you can work as a copywriter, technical writer, promotional or business to business content writer etc. In this modern age of fast evolving technology and technology-based lifestyle, SEO content writer is a prospering field for young literature students. It is absolutely necessary that you have a perfect grip on your language while going for these particular career choices. And what can be the better option to master your language skills than studying literature!

Journalism and Media

Encompassing a large number of smaller industries, the sector of journalism and media is open for the literature degree holders. Yes, from televisions to newspapers, from news blogs to advertisement, from reviews to critical analysis, the vast section of media and journalism needs people who are deft in handling the language as well as has deeper insights about the past and present of our culture and civilization. The attractive and interesting career of a news reader, a journalist or a TV reporter is there for the people studying literature.

A Career in Publishing

Though people do confuse the publishing field with the media sector often, but it is totally two different sectors. Due to the recent digital evolution, the popularity of publishing sector has been disrupted a bit, but it is still going strong. A new section of digital publishing has emerged under it as a result. It encompasses e-books, e-journals and other electronic magazines and study materials.  People from literature background have so many opportunities here to grow and become successful in their respective careers.

Marketing and Advertising

Another career option for the people who are willing to study literature is the marketing and advertising sector. Involving high-level creativity and communication skills, the sector of advertising, marketing, and public relations is an excellent career choice with expanding opportunities. There are some content writing and media fields that are also connected with it. Despite being a revenue-focused sector, when combined with deeper literature knowledge, can be the best career option for you.

A student in literature gains valuable knowledge about different traditions, cultures, and languages associated with the period of the literary work’s composition. It also plays a crucial part in enhancing a person’s imaginative, communicative and understanding skills. It is through the education of literature that many people have found a way and reason to live. And when it comes to the means of securing your livelihood, you can have various choices of interesting careers as well.

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