The Corporate Ladder: How to Shatter Your Employer’s Expectations

The Corporate Ladder: How to Shatter Your Employer’s Expectations
March 2, 2015 Lizzie Weakley

As an employee, one of the most effective things you can do is to exceed your employer’s expectations of you. Doing this will not only impress your boss, but help to ensure your job security in the future. If you make yourself invaluable to the company, more opportunities will come your way. By going above and beyond your job description, you can climb the corporate ladder more quickly.

  1. Obtain a business degree

If you don’t already have a degree, consider attending school in your time off and obtaining an online business degree. This will go a long way towards impressing your employer with your thoroughness, and can help to open more doors in the future.

  1. Finish work far ahead of deadlines

One trick to use is to quote double the estimated time for a project. That way, if you finish well in advance, your employer will think you’re an indispensable resource – and if the project ends up taking a bit longer than you expected, you’re still in the clear. Many freelancers use this technique and find themselves with clients for life because of their speed.

  1. Network on your own

Many employers require their workers to attend networking events as part of their job description; however, taking the initiative to join up with others in your field of your own volition can impress your employer and go far beyond what they expect of you.

  1. Become proficient in the tools you use

Many employees rarely become truly proficient with the software required around the office. If your place of employment doesn’t have specialized software, you can at least learn Excel. It’s an often-used piece of technology that far too few people know how to properly use. Taking the time to learn the shortcuts and become the best in your work place will impress your boss and make your job easier.

  1. Be gracious

Getting along with your coworkers is another task that many people fail to follow through with. By being patient and kind, granting praise where it’s due, you can gain the trust and loyalty of your coworkers – as well as your employees.

Taking these five steps can help guarantee your job security, as well as your potential for promotions. You can completely blow away your boss’ expectations and make yourself an employee for the history book.

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