The Beginner’s Guide to Cracking the CISA Examination

The Beginner’s Guide to Cracking the CISA Examination
December 18, 2018 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Are you looking to join the ranks of the world’s top-rated information systems audit certified professional? If your answer is in the affirmative, then CISA can be one of the premium-grade certifications that you can attain to leverage a world of unlimited opportunities. The best thing about passing the CISA exam is that it is a single paper examination compared to the likes of ACCA or CIA. Apart from that, when it comes to the niche of auditing and analyzing information systems, CISA turns out to be the gold standard certification that allows employers to judge your credibility, as per

Thanks to ISACA, the stature of this CISA certification and its content keeps on being updated on a routine basis according to the latest trends in the field of information technology. This calls for a candidate to match the rapid pace with the developments. To help you out, here are some of the useful tips to keep in mind in order to clear the CISA exam:

Make CRM Your Religion

The CISA Review Manual or CRM is offered by ISACA, which also forms an integral part of ISACA courses. Known to be the one-stop guide for clearing the CISA exam, the CRM serves as a reference manual that is astutely designed for the beginners to prepare easily for the CISA exam. The reference manual is decked with all the important details related to the certification exam and also highlights and explains the important roles and responsibilities that an information systems auditor has to face. If you are a CISA aspirant who is looking for the best self-study guide, CRM is the final destination.

Go Through the CISA Review Questions Database

ISACA also provides a definitive online resource in the form of Review Questions Database to help the candidates practice the various questions and answers along with the explanations. It goes without saying that working on these review questions is an absolute must for passing this exam. All you need to do is register to the database and get an access for a year after joining the membership.

Shape Your Thought Process like an Accountant

If you prepare the CISA exam like an ordinary examination-taker, it will be really hard for you to understand the core concepts and emphasis of the ideologies that are required for an ISACA professional. The nature of this exam requires you to shape your thought process like an IT auditor or to see the real-life application as an accountant. This is necessary because doing so will sharpen your crucial skills, which are needed during decision making and tackling hypothetical problem situations. Besides, you should hone your thought process to manage, analyze, and prioritize various tasks simultaneously.

Plan and Prepare Strategically

Preparing for the examination of an IT certification requires you to join a credible source or establishment that will help in crafting your skills. Also, you will be guided to manage your study hours based on the strategic allocation of time for different subjects. This is necessary if you are a working professional who is planning to take the examination.


Finally, it is critical to keep an open mind when it comes to preparing and passing the CISA exam. Be adaptable in nature in order to understand the dynamic world of IT and the ever-evolving ISACA.

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