Six Career Paths That Will Enable You to Build a Better Future

Six Career Paths That Will Enable You to Build a Better Future
February 20, 2015 Anica Oaks

There is no better feeling than doing things to make the world a better place. Many people choose to do this by recycling, volunteering or donating to charity, but you can help every day by just choosing the right career path. The following are six careers that will enable you to build a better future for the entire world.

Social Worker

Social workers deal exclusively with the most vulnerable people and ensure that they are safe. If there were no social workers, then millions of vulnerable people would be left without any options. Social workers may work with one individual or a large group of people, but they are always improving lives, every day.

Water Treatment Facility Worker

Water treatment facility workers ensure that everyone has clean drinking water. Removing any potential sewage and chemicals from the water guarantees that nobody will get sick when using the water at their home. Water treatment workers can improve the world even more by using their skills in poor developing countries where the citizens do not have access to clean water.


Therapists work to improve the daily lives of people with physical and mental problems. Since there are several different forms of therapists, they are all trained to help specific problems. Some therapists can help provide care for individuals with mental disorders, and another can help someone after a serious physical injury.

Park Ranger

Preserving the environment is one of the best ways to build a better future, and no one does that better than a park ranger. They work in the most beautiful parts of the world and ensure the parks remain pristine for generations. Park rangers also work to educate people about the plants and animals that are living in the park. Rangers bear the additional responsibility of protecting the inhabitants and visitors of the parks they are assigned to. This can involve conducting search and rescue operations, bringing poachers to justice, fighting forest fires and providing medical aid to injured visitors. The multifaceted nature of this career means there is a wealth of opportunities available to candidates from all fields and with nearly any area of expertise. Everyone, from EMTs and firefighters to anthropologists and geologists, can find a niche in the ranger service which could use their specialized skills.


Teachers help make the world a better place every day by improving the knowledge of the world’s citizens. Erica Goodwin, a teacher who holds an online Master’s degree in Education, says she entered this field specifically because she wanted to make a difference. Whether they are teaching small children, adults or the mentally disabled, teachers are constantly improving the lives of their students and ensuring a brighter future for everyone.

Police Officer

There may be no better way to build a better future than keeping the world a safe place. Police officers risk their lives every day to ensure that everyone else remains safe. Nobody wants to live in an area riddled with crime, and police officers are doing their best each day to ensure this does not have to happen in the future.

If you are truly passionate about building a better future, then you should choose one of these six career paths. Choosing one of these six career paths will allow you to go home every day knowing you helped make the world a better place.

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