Planning Benchmarks: 4 Steps for Successfully Reaching Your Career Goals

Planning Benchmarks: 4 Steps for Successfully Reaching Your Career Goals
April 5, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
In Goals & Success

Your career success, or lack thereof, will determine your ability to get where you want in life. It will help you afford your dream vacations, provide for your family, and enjoy the perks of your chosen path. However, you need to plan your career correctly in order to have these things. Here are 4 steps for successfully reaching your career goals instead of faltering:

Make Them Achievable

The first thing to keep in mind about goals is that they need to be reachable. If you don’t feel that it is actually possible to reach your goals, you are not going to put in the effort to accomplish them.

For instance, if you want to make double the money you make right now, it will not happen in a matter of a few months in all likelihood. However, if you plan it out several years in advance, then this is certainly possible.

Have Review Periods

You need to know if you are getting the kinds of results that are necessary to get you closer to your goals. As you go along in your career, set aside time every year, month, or quarter. Then, look at your goals from a higher perspective. This will help you determine if you need to make changes or if you are fine to continue in the same strategy that you are using currently.

Get around Similar People

There are ways to get around others who are in your ‘tribe.’ You should attend meetups, organizations, and more. That way, you are constantly receiving positive reinforcement that your goals are smart and achievable. You can share your successes, your failures, and get motivation from others around you. Having a great career is hard enough. Don’t try to do it alone, or it will only get harder.

Get the Right Training

Whether you attend a trade school, accounting school, university, or anything else, make sure you get quality training. Today’s world is more competitive than ever. Often times, you will only get promoted if you can demonstrated that you have invested the time and money in learning more than the other person.

A career is made of a lot of smaller steps and goals achieved along the way. You need to properly plan these or you could become unsatisfied with your position in life. So use the tips above. Then, have confidence that you have ways to reach your goals on the timelines that makes sense to you thanks to proper planning in advance.

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