7 Reasons to Get a Degree in Real Estate

7 Reasons to Get a Degree in Real Estate
October 10, 2014 Lizzie Weakley


A degree in real estate is a post-secondary degree that many business colleges around the country are offering to students.

1) Skills Expected by Companies

Many brokers and real estate agents around the country are required to first have a bachelor’s degree, but companies nowadays are looking for young professionals who have a grounding in modern real estate planning, economics and finance.

If you plan on becoming an assessor or appraising property in some capacity, then a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in real estate planning could really come in handy. In fact, an assessor or appraiser needs a bachelor’s degree (or commensurate credits) in order to attain a license in most states.

2) Relevant for Future Real Estate Agents

As with most business degrees, a business degree in real estate focuses primarily on economic theory and finance. In addition, though, a degree in real estate incorporates some aspects of business law to help students navigate the legality of land ownership and socially responsible land use.

3) Learn to Deal with Other Professionals

A bachelors or master’s degree in real estate development can walk young professionals through dealing with architects, property developers, and federal agencies. A degree in real estate can be a serious stepping stone towards a highly lucrative career with the right background in real estate law, business administration, economics, and finance.

4) Get Your Real Estate Degree Online

An online degree in real estate can give you exposure to equity valuation, property management, and even property development.

An online degree can also teach young business professionals methods for assessing the value of residential and commercial real estate. These are all critical skills to have under your belt to succeed as a property manager or real estate developer.

5) Huge Amount of Outlets

A degree in real estate can be applied to a huge array of professions. The two most obvious applications are real estate appraiser and property manager, but an advanced degree in real estate can also be applied to other areas.

You could apply a degree in real estate towards a career as a real estate broker. A real estate broker essentially helps others purchase, sell, or rent residential and commercial real estate.

6) Preparation for Real Estate License Exam

To get your license in real estate you need to take an exam that tests your knowledge on a range of business disciplines. A bachelors or master’s degree in real estate appraisal and management could help you navigate the real estate license exam and land your dream job.

7) Applicable to Public and Private Sector

Whether your interest is public land management or commercial real estate development, a degree in real estate can give you the dynamic backing in economics and finance to turn your dreams into a reality.

Summing Up the Benefits

A bachelors in real estate is often a de facto prerequisite for landing a job as an assessor or appraiser. By getting a degree in real estate, you can keep abreast of current real estate laws and federal mandates while getting real-world experience as a developer or property manager.


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