Top 3 New Exciting Gadgets Students Should Own

Top 3 New Exciting Gadgets Students Should Own
October 25, 2016 Zachary Helm

Today’s fast-paced environment and the over-burdened college student make for a worrisome combination. Grade pressure, peer-pressure, and exam fever, all weigh heavily on the student, and he would give an arm and a leg to ease all of these. What if there were 3 gadgets that could let the student not only pass tests and exams with flying colors, but also grant some relief in managing his daily routine?

To this end, technology has up with exciting new trends, and we come up with a few suggestions about gadgets which every student should own.

1. The Cheat Watch:

This watch, is a revolution in technical gadgetry; available at amazon, eBay, and Intex Stores, is the ultimate gadget every student should own. Lock down your interface so that only the digital clock display shows, and no one will be the wiser. Before getting into the details of the cheat watch, let’s also understand that it is not just what the name suggests. Handy for all mail access, WhatsApp, Google search, playing music, and many more functions, it fulfils them all perfectly. The latest model has an 8 GB capacity for holding video files as well. “Perfect for covertly viewing exam notes directly on your wrist”, as one advertisement promises, people have been known to take pictures of their exam papers, forward to a friend via WhatsApp, and receive picture files of answers in the same fashion. One such example hitting the markets these days is the 24Kupi Pro Edition Cheat Watch. A technology breakthrough, it supports multi languages and all Microsoft formats. It doubles asthe perfect camera-phone since it lets you see the incoming call, supports wi-fi, and lets you take pictures as well.

2. Livescribe 3 SmartPen

This SmartPen makes notes-taking a painless affair, and renders ease of access on your Smartphone or Tablet for convenient reading. No more botheration of writing reams of notes and then converting them to the digital format. It comes with an initial number of free note-sheets which are especially formulated to be receptive to the pen, and for automatic syncing the notes and drawings with the device.

Pair your Smart Pen with the support technology of the LiveScribe+ App, and you can throw all your student hassles out the window. Available for both iOS and Android, the pairing with the pen brings all notes in sync onto whatever device you opt for. Feedview and Pencast conveniently arrange note views and audio on your device for chronological arrangement of notes and syncing recorded audio to everything you write and draw. Converts handwriting to text, and lets you search, share, and send notes, memos, and photos through Mail, Evernote, and Dropbox.

3. TYLT Energi Backpack with Built-in Battery

For the student on the go, this multi-purpose back pack will accommodate all your needs and more. With multiple charging positions, you can charge up to 3 devices at the same time in the same bag. It comes with a 10,400mAh battery, and one 2.1amp port and two 1 amp ports. Technology at its best, the Cable pass- through ensures that your cables are organized and pass directly to one of the six compartments. Having a capacity for holding an up to 15.5” laptop, this sleek bag has much more to offer. The top pocket includes a hard EVA frame for extra protection to keep your valuable items safe. Whether it is your phone, or sunglasses, the protected pocket will keep them from being damaged. The trolley sleeve gives ease of travelling, since it can be hooked up to your other luggage. No matter how many niggling things you need to cart, The ENERGI backpack conveniently stores everything, considering it has 13 pockets.

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