Best Entertainment Sites for IOS

Best Entertainment Sites for IOS
March 25, 2019 Yomi Jegede
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You watch films, listen to music, play card games or whatever you do to have fun – there’s an app for it all. Let’s look at 10 of the best.

Netflix – Box-set junkies love Netflix for its exhaustive back catalogue of on-demand titles, as well as a growing collection of original series. Just in case you want to know, they are also very strong financially and are likely to be around for a very long time. According to Forbes, people are so crazy over Netflix – their sales was $12.8B as at June 2018 .

Spotify – It’s an audio streaming platform that provides DRM-protected music and podcasts from record labels and media companies. The music service that has changed how we (legally) consume music and, with 24 million users, it’s clearly working. Spotify’s iPad app allows subscribers build up a library of over 3,000 tracks to listen to offline.

TED: Have you ever wondered about somewhere you can go to get thousands of inspiring talks in HD video, that place is TED. If you are an entrepreneur, educationist, activist, Life Coach or just someone who wants to make a lot of improvements in your life, you should definitely check TED out.

Daily Motion: Nipping at the heels of YouTube, Dailymotion aggregates some of the best video content on the web, presented in a clean format. Fledgling videographers will like the integrated camera app to upload their own creations, too

Vimeo – it’s an ad-free open video platform that provides creators with tools and technology to host, distribute and monetize videos. Browse hundreds of new videos through the staff-picks page or upload yours straight from your mobile device

Ruby Fortune: this is a tried and trusted digital casino games portal that offers a huge selection of FREE games. It offers a great gaming experience. You can play a wide range of casino games like Online Blackjack games. You will receive a $750 free welcome bonus upon joining.

Sound Cloud – it was originally designed to allow musicians collaborate by facilitating the sharing and discussion of recordings, but later transformed into a publishing tool for music distribution. SoundCloud’s platform gives users the opportunity to explore everything from audio-books to weekly podcasts from around the world.

Hulu – Hulu is a video-on-demand service offering a huge catalog of exclusive programs, Hulu originals, and many more. It is primarily oriented towards instant streaming of television series, carrying current and past episodes of many series from its owners’ respective television networks and other content partners.

PocketPocket, previously known as Read It Later, is an application and web service for managing a reading list of articles from the Internet. The application allows users to save an article or web page to remote servers for later reading. The article is then sent to the user’s Pocket list (synced to all of their devices) for offline reading. Pocket removes clutter from articles, and allows the user to add tags to their articles and to adjust text settings for easier reading. Pocket currently has over 10 million users.

Feedly – Feedly is the world’s most popular RSS and blog reader with more than 15 millions users. It’s your central place to organize, read, and share the information you need to stay ahead of the next big trend in your industry. Every day, millions of professionals and passionate learners use Feedly on their phones and tablets to follow the blogs, magazines, and other sources that matter to them. 

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