5 Jobs that Require You to Know the Law

5 Jobs that Require You to Know the Law
October 20, 2014 Meghan Belnap

In many jobs, a knowledge of the law can be very beneficial. Knowledge of these subjects can really help with issues at work and can help you be a better employee overall. Besides the obvious occupations of lawyers and police officers, there are many other jobs where having a knowledge of law and government can serve a person very well. Here are just a few instances that knowing the law would help in everyday work:

Human Resources Manager

As an HR manager, a person is responsible for knowing a variety of laws as they relate to employment. Job discrimination due to race, national origin, sexual orientation and other topics is always something an HR manager needs to know how to handle, as are laws relating to fair labor standards and sexual harassment.

Political Scientist

In this profession, people are asked to analyze and give opinions on such topics as elections, court decisions and other aspects of politics and government. Needless to say, a good knowledge of law is essential when discussing the pros and cons of a Supreme Court decision or the policy ideas of a political candidate.

Aviation Inspector

Responsible for making sure aircraft are safe to fly, these inspectors need to have a good knowledge of Federal regulations and national as well as international law regarding air safety procedures. Inspectors who investigate airplane accidents and crashes may also need to know aspects of criminal law when they are searching for clues, in the event their investigation determines foul play caused the accident.

Fraud Examiner

Fraud examiners work for insurance companies, social service agencies and other businesses, where their job is to ensure fraud is either not taking place or gather evidence to stop it if it is occurring. A law degree can be a great background for this career, since most of the job entails obtaining evidence, taking statements from individuals, writing reports and at times testifying in court about their findings.

Immigration and Customs Inspector

As immigration continues to be a hot political topic, much emphasis is being placed on immigration and customs inspections. Persons in this job need to have a sound knowledge of laws and regulations pertaining to immigration and customs to make sure federal and state laws are being properly enforced. Many times customs inspectors will be asked to testify in court, especially if they were involved in discovering illegal drugs being smuggled into the United States.

Having a masters degree in law or simply a general understanding of various local, state and federal laws can be an attribute in any of these jobs. As you can see, a knowledge of law can work very well in a number of careers. So consider expanding your knowledge of law to make yourself look better for potential employers.

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