4 Ways to Turn Art into Your Own Business

4 Ways to Turn Art into Your Own Business
May 27, 2019 Meghan Belnap
In Entrepreneurship

The myth of the starving artist doesn’t have to be a reality. While it’s true that some artists don’t make a lot of money, there are plenty who do. With the proliferation of video games, digital comic books, and other artsy pursuits, the demand for artists has grown in recent years: That said, there are even more jobs for artists that are willing to start their own business. If you’re thinking about a career in art, you may want to consider one of the four careers below. 

Graphic Design

Graphic designers create advertising collateral, like brochures, video game box packaging, and magazine and newspaper ads. They also do page layouts for books, magazines, and newspapers. Often, they’re responsible for designing the look of a brand, including for the creation of company logos. The average graphic designer makes about $50,000 a year. You can get started right away by offering your own graphic design services through your own website.

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists have come into their own in recent years. While a good majority of them will still ink your favorite symbol on your arm or tummy, some of them have also started to branch out by offering services, like microblading for eyebrows and cosmetic tattooing for breast cancer survivors. If this type of art business appeals to you, be sure to look for insurance for microblading as well as for other procedures. The average salary for a tattoo artist is just over $31,000 per year.

Art Tutorials/ Classes

Traditional art teachers make up to $65,000 a year in a classroom setting. However, many of the art teachers who start their own art tutorials on YouTube or even locally stand to make even more due to the nature of the platform. Artists who are particularly good at drawing or using a digital art program like Photoshop can parlay their know-how into big dollars.

Video Game Artist

As of 2018, the video game industry was valued at CNBC.com $138 billion dollars. With the industry making inroads into education and military training, that number is likely to continue to grow. Video game artists play a key role in the development of the industry as well as the look of the games. The average video game artist makes just over $52,000 a year. 

It’s a truly exciting time to be an artist. More and more artists are parlaying their skills into viable careers. Video game artists help develop the look of games, while graphic designers give brands their visual voices. Art teachers teach the next generation of artists how to find their artistic voice. Tattoo artists help their clients bring their unique vision to life. While it is important to note that self-employed tattoo artists need to look for a tattoo and body piercing insurance provider in addition to honing their inking skills, the future for this profession likes bright as well.

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