The Midas Touch: What These Five Successful Entrepreneurs Did Right

The Midas Touch: What These Five Successful Entrepreneurs Did Right
May 1, 2015 Brooke Chaplan

In the entrepreneurial world, there are great success stories that keep new companies going with the dreams and hard work transforming into the rare happy ending. Here is a brief look at five of these successes and the entrepreneurs that have become heroes of sorts for many aspiring hopefuls.

The Midas Touch What These Five Successful Entrepreneurs did Right 4

Larry Ellison- Oracle
Before Ellison created what would turn into the multinational technology corporation it is today, he was born to a poor New York immigrant family, and had to struggle for many years before discovering a new idea that became the basis for Oracle today. Mr. Ellison grew up in Chicago and dropped out of college to move to California and see his dreams unfold. His interest in the relational database design provided the inspiration needed to found Oracle 11 years later.

Howard Schultz- Starbucks
Sending an aspiring marketer to Milan is one way to find inspiration. Learning about the Italian love of coffee and the lack of an equivalent in America, Schultz had a new idea. After the eventful trip, he combined the feel of upscale expresso bars in Italy with the American clientele, and it became the idea that transformed into all Starbucks now. After finding financial backing from his previous employer, the dream was born.

Matt Maloney and Mike Evans- GrubHub
Originally Chicago software developers working for, these two became sick of calling restaurants in search of takeout food. Just like that, they wondered if there could be a one-stop shop for food delivery which could make their problems much simpler. That basic idea turned into their own company and they started GrubHub, which is now public and valued at more than $3 billion.

Pierre Omidyar- eBay

Creating his personal website and using it to auction items was a good idea. And for Pierre, it turned into a good idea that everyone else could use as well. Beginning as a personal project, AuctionWeb developed into what is now eBay after the internet traffic picked up, and he began charging other users to use his site for their own auctions. Sometimes the simplest projects can turn into the next big thing.

The entrepreneurial spirit can be found in the four people above, and serves as a reminder that it comes in every shape and size. Use your own ideas and dreams to get yourself started. Don’t forget to use tools like One Touch Direct and inside sales jobs to get a head start on selling your stuff. If there is one thing to take away, no idea is too ridiculous to become a new phenomenon.

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