Things to Note about Watching Live TV on Firestick

Things to Note about Watching Live TV on Firestick
May 5, 2019 Alexander Fernadise

Many questions about the usage of Firesticks which are jailbroken as being illegal. However, many providers are selling it, so what is the fact behind it. Experts say that you don’t have to worry about using jailbroken Firesticks as it’s not illegal. The use of media players like Kodi is also legal as far as the add-ons you use to stream the content are legal.

Watching Live TV on Firestick

As we know, Firesticks have now revolutionized home entertainment systems. You can enjoy unlimited media content using this device including live TV channels and plenty of movies from around the world. All these can be enjoyed for free by using the add-ons and Android-based apps.

However, the apps which allow live TV viewing through Firestick for free has to be considered with caution. They may sometimes be streaming content which is not authorized, and consumption of such content is also a violation of copyright rules, which will put you in trouble.

For this purpose, it is essential to use a good VPN to keep your access secured and private. Here are some good apps to watch live tv on Firestick.

Live NetTV

This is a very popular streaming app, which offers more than 700 channels which are well organized. These are high-quality channels and also available for free. For all movies and TV channels, you can choose a video player also from a wide range of choices.

Swift Streamz

This app will help you watch Live TV through Firestick and offers channels from the USA, UK, Religious, Sports, etc. Good quality streaming is possible with this at a quality of 1080p and 720p etc.

Some other options for Live TV on Firestick are To Mobdro, TV Catchup, cCloud TV, Selfless, USTVNow Plus, etc.

Usage of VPN for Netflix access

Another big question of online streamers is whether Netflix detects VPN. It is a fact that Netflix tends to prohibit usage of proxy servers and you may get an errors message while trying to access. This is a devastating thing for the VPN users; however, there are many handy VPNs which can resolve this issue and can be effectively used for Netflix access.

In real, Netflix seems to be very adamant on not allowing any unauthorized or free access to its content. They have taken all measures to block the proxy and VPN users who try to bypass the geo-restrictions and gain access. Netflix also has different licensing deals in various countries, and it will not look nice to them while users are trying to bypass those. You may get a basic version of Netflix for free if you are in Australia or Canada, but the case is different in the United States.

However, it is legal to use a VPN for Netflix access in many countries like, unless you are in Russia or China. The bottom line is that Netflix primarily don’t want anyone to access their platform through VPN, but what is illegal is to download any illegal content, but you can use a good VPN service to access Netflix content of many countries.

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