The success mantra for IT graduates in 2014

The success mantra for IT graduates in 2014
February 14, 2014 Rashmi Singh


The New Year is here, and along with it are the countless promises and hopes for a better future. If you are a professional into a white collar job, then this year is going to bring plenty of good news. There is high level of optimism regarding the IT industry, and it is estimated that the growth in IT and technology sector will singlehandedly create millions of new job opportunities. If you want to partake in these benefits then here are some tips.

2014 is expected to bring bright news for IT graduates. According to industry watchers, the existing economic slumber will have little effect on the technology and IT sector.  This inevitably will have an effect on the employment prospects of new professionals as well as experienced individuals. While freshers can expect to step their foot in the door to a new job opportunity, experienced individuals can also advance their career in the right direction. Here are some tips for you to get yourself started:

Start Early

In order to get the best opportunities you must be an early starter.  Those who start early always have the advantage of maximum choices at their disposal. For the same, you should keep an eye out for any new vacancy in the companies of your interest. You can take the help of multiple resources for the same, whether it is the company website or any other recruitment portal.

Know what it takes

Merely applying to multiple job opportunities wouldn’t help you much. Instead, you should know about the skills that are in demand in the industry and try to develop them. Whether it is strengthen your technical portfolio or improving on soft skills, doing what it actually takes to get that dream job is essential for success.

Skills that will be in demand

The technology world is fast evolving and so should you in order to remain relevant. New technologies like cloud, mobile and big data are dominating the IT landscape, and therefore, to have best chances you should get yourself trained in any one of these technologies. The ability to code is going to become the next superpower and every individual, thinking of making a career in IT sector should have knowledge of at least one popular language. The popular computer languages include Python, PHP, Java, .Net and others.

Perfect the Resume

Many individuals do not make it past the first screening owing to a bad resume. Using outdated practices and not regularly updating your resume are sins which no recruiter will forgive you for. Whether it is an IBM job or an employment opportunity in a small firm, only a good resume will actually be of any help. There are various areas which you should care about while creating that picture-perfect CV. The objective should align itself with the company’s mission.

Your professional achievements and competencies should be listed right at the top so that it has maximum effect on the recruiter. The latest trend to emerge is infographic resume or video resume. In an infographic resume you use graphic images to tell the entire professional history.

A Kick-Ass interview

Once your resume manages to catch the attention of the HR executive, the next crucial hurdle that remains to be conquered is the face to face interview. The key to succeed in a personal interview round is confidence. You might know everything but until you are able to present it confidently to the interviewer, your knowledge is of little use. To feel a little nervous about the whole interview thing is absolutely normal.

However, to let that nervousness take over you can have a serious effect on your career prospects. Besides the way you speak, your body language also tells a lot about you and how you are exactly feeling. A crossed arm position denotes that you are defensive and tensed, while a sitting posture where your arms rest on the table shows that you are relaxed and confident. There are lots of other aspects of facing an interview which should be taken care of, such as, the dress you wear.

If a candidate follows the above advice religiously, he or she will definitely get a job of his choice in the IT sector.

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