Dealing With Culture-Shock While Working Abroad: Is It That Tough A Job?

Dealing With Culture-Shock While Working Abroad: Is It That Tough A Job?
July 28, 2015 Anshuman Kukreti

1A job abroad that pays well enough for you to splurge and still manage to save a big number for your retirement. Seriously, professionals might have a zillion different approaches towards work, but the underlying thought remains common everywhere.

It’s good that you are considering moving abroad and have made all preparations beforehand, be it the relocation expenses or the arrangements for accommodation. However, a general constraint that is often skipped over by a multitude of aspirants planning to work abroad, is the ‘culture-shock’ they have to deal with. Though, it might sound like an easy deal, but your social life will always stand as a significant factor for you to lead a comfortable life, while working in any country across the globe. So, here are 4 efficient ways for you to overcome any concerns in the same regard and deal with culture shock efficiently.

Research and Get Acquainted With The Culture

Before you rush into any decision about your likes and dislikes, it’s quite important for you to know the culture of the country you’re relocating to. The best thing you can do is preparing yourself in advance and getting in touch with people to find out more. Dig deeper in your social networks to know people who have spent some time at the destination and get to know about various social conventions in practice.  Right from consulting guidebooks to various expat blogs, there’s so much you can do.

Eventually you’ll find out that all countries, even if in the same region, don’t pertain to same social norms. While working in Qatar you’ll find people living a free and lavish life, professionals in Saudi Arabia still follow a stringent set of rules inside the social arena.

Remember The Old Saying, When In Rome…

While you might have come from a country that promotes a liberal society with freedom of expression being prominent in every aspect, not all countries are the same. It’s true that you’ll exercise the freedom you require anywhere you go in the world, but molding yourself according to the social environment in the country you’ve targeted is equally imperative.

It might just happen that in spite of being ready with things beforehand, you’ll find yourself in situations that leave you dumbfounded. In such a case, instead of inculcating any internal sense of failure, follow the lead of your other counterparts from foreign countries. Who knows, adapting readily might make you the ‘look forward to employee’ in the company.

Take Some Time and Learn The Language

While it might sound rudimentary, but the most significant share of understanding the culture and getting along with people comes from verbal communication. Unless you know what your colleagues or counterparts are saying, there’ll always be a void leading to miscommunication during numerous instances. Hence, all you need is to start honing your language skills and learning from the locals too.

Start with greeting words and the common terms used during general conversations. Being well-versed with the local language you ‘ll always find chances to bond with the local community and hence reduce the chances of experiencing a culture-shock.

Be Patient, It’s Temporary

While it might have caused stress at some level, but you need to keep your cool and be patient. Be calm with your colleagues, family, friends and even neighbors, for that matter of fact. Getting settled in a new country, learning a new language and making bonds with a whole lot of new people, yes it’s not easy. But, it’s not permanent either!

All of these feelings will pass as and when you become more comfortable with the language, social conventions, places in the country and make new friends. Just a matter of time, when you’ll be a confident individual living amongst foreigners as being one of them. And before you notice, you’ll begin to enjoy the cultural differences in the country. Obviously, a change was what you relocated for!

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