Why Reviews Are Good For Business

Why Reviews Are Good For Business
December 16, 2016 Nishant

A rather large percentage of customers head online for reviews when it comes to making a purchasing decision. Whether they want a medical procedure, an electronic product, or a restaurant for dinner, online reviews influence spending in absolutely every industry.


With tons of options, it is vital that your business stands head and shoulders above its competition. If a customer has two or more options, one with not-so-great reviews and another with great reviews, of course they are going to select the one with better reviews. Customer reviews, especially the positive ones, can help your business in a number of ways. Here are five of them.

  1. Reviews Improve Click-Through Rates, or Organic Search Results

Customer reviews can be displayed in organic search results when your website listing comes up in the results. By encouraging customers to leave reviews, the search engine will display more star ratings in their results, which, in turn, will bring more traffic to your website.

A listing that has numerous positive reviews tends to draw a great deal of attention than one without star reviews, even if it takes the top position in Google. You can definitely have a higher click-through rate than listings that come before your website, just by have star reviews present. Eooro.com can help improve your online reputation so make sure that you check the services that they offer.

  1. Reviews Help Improve SEO

Google pulls local information from all the popular review sites. The amount of reviews and their ratings play a big role. So, getting a good amount of positive reviews along with other off-page and on-page SEO can help to push your business listing higher up in organic search results. Businesses with several impressive reviews almost always top the local 3 top listings in search engines.

  1. Reviews Provide Solid Social Proof

Having a list of positive reviews gives your business instant social credibility, and therefore legitimacy, from the word “go.” A potential customer can read the reviews and know that there is no doubt that your business is the real deal.

What about a negative review or two? They are not the end of the world; you just need to make sure that you respond to it professionally. This shows potential clients that you do care about customers. There have been plenty of businesses that have spun their negative reviews into excellent press attention simply because they addressed the reviews.

  1. Reviews Build Instant Trust

This goes hand-in-hand with credibility. Reviews count as a major deciding factor when it comes to people making online purchases or visiting an actual company location. If someone is searching for, say, a local pizza place, the reviews are very often a deciding factor when it comes to choosing locations and getting directions to them.

Trust is essential for any business, and clients need to be able to instantly trust you. A good number of reviews along with a decent percentage of excellent reviews builds instant trust and works to convert leads into paying customers.

  1. Reviews Provide Necessary Feedback

Every single review that is posted for your business, either positive or negative, can give you priceless feedback that can help you improve your business. You can use the feedback to identify your greatest strengths and your biggest downfalls and then focus on what requires improvement!

With the 5 points discussed above, one can conclude that reviews are really beneficial for any business. No matter what industry your business belongs, reviews are among the factors that potential customers consider.

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