Why Go for Glass Pool Fencing?

Why Go for Glass Pool Fencing?
January 9, 2019 Justin Jersey
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Safety guidelines for homes with pools recommend pool fencing. After all, kids and pets are prone to injuries in a home where the pool area is not bordered or secure. Thus, for all those homeowners with a pool or those who are thinking of getting a pool installed, it is essential to consider glass pool fencing. It is a revolutionary method to ensure safety as well as aesthetics to the pool area.

The Glass Fencing for A Modern Look

Glass Pool Fencing indeed creates a modern look and one can pick between frameless glass fencing or semi-frameless glass fencing. In case of frameless fencing, the glass is secured deep in the ground with the help of stainless-steel spigots. The Semi-frameless glass is sealed with glass silicone and posts are fixed deep in the ground.  The glass fence adds a unique and luxurious touch to the same old fence, without compromising on the quality of protection.

Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

It is observed that earlier, traditional materials like wood and steel were used for pool fencing. However today, the modern and contemporary homes prefer glass pool fencing. This is because of the several advantages connected with the pool fencing made of glass. see on to get more.

Many Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

While it feels incredibly fantastic to have your own swimming pool at home, it is of umpteenth importance to ensure the safety of your family members. Glass fencing not only provides complete protection but doesn’t obstruct the views. Thus, you can enjoy a great view of your beautiful pool as well as complete safety.

  • A great look with glass pool fencing – The glass pool fencing makes for an aesthetically pleasing option and adds to the visual appeal of the house. It is a lot better than other options of opaque fences. Frameless glass pool fencing looks even more beautiful as it merges with the surroundings of the swimming pool.
  •  A great fence – Glass fencing materials not only looks great but also adds to the safety feature. Thus, it makes for an effective boundary or barrier around the swimming pool. Thus, there is no need for you to supervise the pool area or keep an eye on the kids or pet when they are playing near it.
  • A strong and tough barrier- Glass pool fencing is made of a special and custom-manufactured glass. The glass material is toughened in order to make it stronger and more durable. The thickness of the glass ranges between 8mm to 12mm, and thus the pool fence made of glass is bound to last for a much longer time. One can decide upon the thickness of the gals based on the safety standards of their areas.
  • Easy to maintain and hygienic- The glass pool fencing is very easy to maintain when camped to other fencing made of wood or metal. All you need is a good cleaning solution, and regular cleaning can help keep the pool fence in good condition. As there is no risk of infection or contamination or rusting as with wooden and metal fencing, glass fence is safer and hygienic too when compared to others.
Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

  • Seamless designs- As there are no gaps within frameless glass pool fencing, what one sees is beautiful fencing. Apart from looking great, there are very few chances of kids or small pets getting stuck in the gaps. Thus, these designs are a lot safer and look great.

Now that you are aware of the countless benefits of glass pool fencing ensure that you hire only the qualified contractor to handle the task. Both fences add security, looks, and value to the home and are in high demand among the homeowners. Apart from using quality material for the fencing of your pool area, you also need to be sure that the installation is done by a highly trained contractor.

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