Where to look for Furniture on a Budget?

Where to look for Furniture on a Budget?
April 29, 2014 Ozair Akhtar
The Total Office UAE

Apart from Abu Dhabi, Dubai is quite an upscale emirate among all seven. Especially furniture in Dubai is quite expensive until or unless out on deals! If you are thinking to set a new business office or renovate a workplace in Dubai, you need to be very particular about your selection; budget and quality. Furniture shopping is quite interesting no matter what your budget is, but there is a probability that you could exceed your budget. You look around for new designs, combinations and relevant furnishing with a fear to make the right choice or else having to live with it for the years to come.

The Total Office UAE

Remember, Low-cost or cheap furniture never lasts for long and warps in a few months, with another expense for you to meet.   I’m not trying to focus on only designer’s furniture line, but choosing low cost furniture is quite risky as it will start showing the signs of distortion in a few months. There is a very thin line between going cheap and staying economical that you need to maintain while choosing a set of furniture for your home or office.  It is best to recognize quality and hunt for the best range available within your budget.

There are some places where you could find quality furniture at much affordable prices.

· Consignment Stores:

There are different consignment stores that may offer you different things but furniture is available at far less prices as compared to the price of a brand new. You may not find the piece you are looking for but you will definitely find something that is useful and effective. Never agree on the first price, ask how the sales work, and strike an offer! They might give out at real discounts, if the piece has been there for a very long time.

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· Antique Malls:

In Antique malls, you’ll find everything valuable to taste, from classic era furnishing to modern’s age contemporary style. You might not find very cushioned stuff but elegant wood furniture that narrates the true classic era.  If you like and enjoy collected look & shady styles, than Antique mall is the right place for you to begin look for. They offer better deals when you show interest in buying a good range of furniture in Dubai.

· Flea Markets & Thrift Stores:

If you are quick maker and a keen budget conscious, Flea market and Thrift Stores are the best option to look for budget furnishing, especially office chairs.  You might not find everything that you are looking for but you’ll find everything with time at far less price than the original cost. Always go for quality make but don’t leave the best pieces that need simple touch ups or repairs. A slight polish, a paint coat or a little nailing could fix it to its best. Learn to haggle, and you’ll definitely stay within the plan.

The Total Office UAE

· Online Classifieds

Among countless online-classified sites like Classified Free, Craigslist, Vend anything etc., you have the opportunity to buy budget furnishing in just a few clicks. You can browse freely to look for the best pieces in best shape. The good stuff takes no time, therefore be vigilant and give time to select among the several.


Read this article to know more about buying office furnishing within budget.  Several options are discussed in this article to know about the places where you could buy low cost furnishing. Also doing it perfectly is as important as doing other things in life as this has been describe by many Sufi Scholars(Hazrat Sufi Shameem Ahmed Shaikh Sahab Damat Barkatuhum) to make your living and earning better.

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