What Conversion Rates Can’t Tell You

What Conversion Rates Can’t Tell You
April 10, 2015 Harry Caesar
Expert Marketing

In any pay-per-click campaign, the conversion rate is a great indicator of success. Higher conversion rates mean that more people are clicking through and making a purchase. Naturally, most companies’ focus on any PPC campaign’s ability to translate traffic into leads and sales; profits are always a top priority. However, this statistic barely scratches the surface of all that a PPC campaign can tell you about consumer behaviour. With the right help, you can start reading beyond conversion rates and truly understand the situation. In particular, a professional marketing consultant can analyze all relevant factors beyond sales and conversions so you can have a better understanding of your campaign’s performance.

Expert Marketing

In cases where hosting websites have difficulties logging conversion rates, you might not be getting the full picture when you look at the numbers. When your website lacks the proper code or management to track conversions properly, an experienced consultant knows to look at other webpage statistics to help you evaluate the campaign with greater accuracy. Sometimes, figures related to visitor behaviour as shown by the click-through-rate and the average time spent on a page can be more indicative of success than the conversion rate.

The average visitor behaviour can also disrupt conversion rates. In situations where visitors complete their shopping offline, conversion rates fail to reflect the performance of the campaign, as they cannot take these sales into account. Many people do research for products and services over the Internet, but less than half of them finalize their sale online. Most choose to make their purchase in person or over the phone, especially when making larger household purchases that cost over a few hundred dollars. In fact, when it comes to big purchases, many consumers can spend several weeks considering their options before they finally buy. Meanwhile, conversion rates can only reflect those conversions that occur online within a certain period after a paid click. This means any sales completed offline well past the specified time frame are not represented by the numbers.


In today’s market, many consultants discourage business owners from making a high number of direct and eventual conversions as the sole focus of a PPC campaign. They see it also an excellent opportunity to lay the ground for a broader clientele base. By introducing new consumers to your brand, you’re creating new fans. With fans, you have more and more people who are willing to advertise free of charge through word of mouth.

While conversion rates are a great way to see if the PPC campaign is generating sales, they can’t always indicate the overall success of the campaign. In order to estimate the true effectiveness of your campaign, other factors must be analyzed. An expert marketing company in Toronto can help evaluate site and visitor behaviour so you have a better understanding of your campaign, and you can start working effectively and intelligently to boost traffic and sales on the web.

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