Types Of Concrete Saws, Their Uses And Safety Tips

Types Of Concrete Saws, Their Uses And Safety Tips
April 15, 2020 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Concrete Saws are used to cut different types of solid materials like concrete, asphalt, tiles, masonry, bricks, and many more. These saws come in various kinds of styles and designs, and they have different functions and names such as saw, cutoff saw, road saw and quick cut saw, and more. This equipment is driven by power and can also be operated using petrol, gasoline, pneumatic pressure, and electric motors. They also come with different types of blades and have various uses and advantages in the construction and manufacturing field. Whether you want to cut the slabs or remove the entire blocks, the concrete saw will finish the job with perfection.

Here Is The List Of Different Concrete Saws And Their Advantages:

  1. Chain Saw: if you are looking out for the concrete saw that can perform meticulous actions, then hydraulic chainsaw is the perfect one. It can cut up to 24 inches with perfection without creating any excess cuts. Whether you require a saw for mounting of any heavy equipment or exterminating a unit of a large wall, this one saw will do the job with perfection.
  •  Handheld Saw: If you are looking out for the saw that can do smaller chores like removing mall brickworks, concrete beam placement, inserting metal, mounting heavy machinery, then you require handheld saws. Are of great use for you.
  • Wire Saw: If you want to confiscate large portions of concrete, then wire saw is one of the best concrete saws that is known for its performance and perfection. It can easily do the jobs like separation of a pillar, bulwarks, thick walls, and foundation with the help of diamond wire sawing techniques. 
  • Core Drill Saw: these saws are used for making the hole for plumbing, electrical wiring, cables, and other purposes. You can make any size of holes in brick walls, cement walls, tiles, and marble with these machines. 
  • Slab Saw: Big assignments like roofs, water channels, roads, bridge constructions, etc. are cut using slab saw. These are reliable tools for such heavy machines.
  • Wall Saw: They can be used for removing vertical portions of HVAC alterations and at the time of demolition.

How To Use A Concrete Saw Safely?

Although Concrete Saws are one of the easy to operate machines still, some precautions must be taken while handling them to avoid any accidents. Here are some of the useful tips that can assure your safety when using this equipment: 

  • You must ensure to place the pinhole properly.
  • Always ensure that the edges of the steel blade are in perfect condition.
  • Never use the leaves that are broken and streaked or that have lost their sharp blades.
  • You must assemble the saw carefully and ensure that none of the parts of the saw are lost as they can harm the operator during the work.
  • You must ensure that before and after the work, equipment should be packed and kept carefully to avoid cuts and wounds that can be caused by tripping on it.
  • The work area should be cleaned properly, and it should have no clutters around while operating these saws.

Some safety wear like safety glass, gloves, helmets, and boots must be worn when you are using concrete saws.


There are different types of tools available in the market to cut the concrete. Still, concrete Saws are among the best ones because one saw can solve multiple purposes, and it works efficiently and quickly, and they come with different attachments designs and styles. 

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