Top 7 Ways To Keeping Employees Engaged And Motivated

Top 7 Ways To Keeping Employees Engaged And Motivated
May 11, 2017 Leaders Hub

As a manager, you have to take care of countless things, but what tops the list is how to keep your employees engaged and motivated on a daily basis. If you really want to increase their engagement, it is imperative you are familiar with the ways through which you can make your employees happy and at the same time make them realise that they are an important part of the company.


Keeping all these things in mind, here are top 7 ways to keep your employees engaged and motivated.

Have A Clear Vision

Employees are always interested in knowing that they are a part of something and whatever efforts they are making, will at the end contribute to something real. It is imperative you have a clear vision and the same should be communicated to your employees as well.

Make sure you have shared your vision, with your employees, like a roadmap so that they are well-aware of each twist and turn along the way. This way, your employees will have a crystal clear sense of direction. Keep discussing your vision with your employees on regular intervals, so that your employees keep moving in the right direction.

Right Tools Should Be Provided

You can keep your employees engaged by providing them all the right tools to move forward, it can be computers, tablets, the right training, and most importantly support. Making assumptions that your employees have all the tools and knowledge won’t help you. When your employees have all these things, they will feel much more confident in completing the tasks assigned to them.


Let us understand this with the help of an example from the retail sector. When cashiers are provided with independence to make adjustments in the prices and extending expired coupons, this simple freedom can make the customers happy. And when the customers are happy, the cashiers don’t have to worry about dealing with irate customers anymore.

Keep Communicating

Employees don’t like to be told the things for which there is no explanation. When you communicate with your employees, they completely understand your position and the authority you enjoy. This will come handy in both good and bad times. Remember, not every decision made by you will become popular, but if you are communicating with your employees, at least they will be in a better position to understand your reasoning.

Effective and regular communication will also help you in interacting with remote teams. It is important you have all the tools and gadgets so that you can digitally communicate with all your remote teams and it also helps your team to stay connected with each other to discuss various topics.

Encourage Cooperation

When your team works on projects via sharing their responsibilities and tasks, it certainly helps in building a spirit of interdependence and equality that will prove beneficial in the completion of projects well in time.


When your employees are able to make tangible contributions to various achievements of the company, it builds a sense of enthusiasm and positive attitude towards their job. Cooperation also proves beneficial in increasing the efficiency level of your employees, they will take more initiative in finding better & effective ways to complete their tasks.

Get To Know Your Employees


If you show sincere interest in your employees’ both social and professional lives, this will certainly boost your employee’s engagement and will be motivated as well. Speaking of motivation, here are some of the ways through which you can keep your employees motivated –

  • Have a pleasant atmosphere – As a leader, your attitude has a deep impact on your team’s engagement & motivation. If you come to work angry, your team will too and they will avoid talking to you in every possible way. Make sure, the office is a pleasant place to work. The décor should be pleasing and the employees should be given breaks.
  • Encourage social opportunities – It is important to organise social events at regular intervals such as office parties, membership groups, or a corporate wellness program, this will build an interpersonal relationship.
  • Solve the problems promptly – If there is an issue that is hampering the performance of the employees, then make sure you have solved the problem instantly or if there is someone who is dragging the whole team down, make sure have a word with him privately. Make sure you don’t chastise an employee in public. Public recognition tends to boost the motivation, but the public humiliation will end up in embarrassment and it is just a motivation killer.


When you get personal with your employees, you end up building relationships that your employees will value and cherish. Although, such connections may challenge the traditional views of an employer and employee relationships, but this will help in building loyalty and enthusiasm that will also help even when the company is going through a bad phase.

In order to build healthy relationships with your employees, as an employer, you should find small ways to appreciate your employees showing you care about them. When you do this, employee’s attitude and engagement will also improve gradually.

Provide Feedback

Always remember and never overlook the significance of feedback as it is a great motivator. Providing periodic reviews to your employees won’t prove fruitful, instead make your best efforts to provide feedback as often as possible. Make sure you provide positive feedback in a right manner so that it helps your employees to raise their performance level. On the other hand, negative feedback should be provided in such a way that your employees have the opportunity to self-correct.

Encourage Incentive Programs

Irrespective of the business or company, make sure you implement incentive programs. Such programs have really proved beneficial in motivating the employees and strive to work hard towards their goals.

The key benefit of having an incentive program is that the cost can be based on the performance of the employees and should be paid out only when they have met the desired target or goal.

“Do good and you will be rewarded” does have a positive impact on the company as a whole, with employees giving their best to meet their goals.

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