Tips on living and investing in Qatar

Tips on living and investing in Qatar
May 28, 2014 Howayda Alame

Qatar is a desert country and life is full of entertainment. But one should take precautions due to dry and dusty weather. Traffic is high thus living near your workspace is better. Try to use mask when going in sandy areas and sinus patients should go for regular check-ups. From investment point of view, there are a lot of options. Investment in currency, bonds, shares and property is common but keep the currency fluctuation in mind before investing in Riyal.

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If you are planning for immigration or a long-term investment in Qatar, there are a lot of options for you. It is a good idea to invest in shares, currency or Qatar real estate. As far as life is considered, it is affordable and comfortable. You can enjoy delicious food, travel opportunities and easy working hours. The locals are friendly and crime rate is very low.

The main problem of Qatar is high traffic and horrible driving. Thus, when you search for a suitable home, do keep in mind that your workplace is nearby. If you love entertainment, then no place is better for you than Qatar. You can easily join any sports group or take part in exhibitions. Every time, there is something happening in Qatar. From food festivals to small get together, Qatar will never let you get bored! Schooling in Qatar is fairly cheap so get your child enrolled as soon as the new session starts because there are a lot of people willing to get admission in good schools. Besides this, you can also go for homeschooling if you do not want your child to travel. Coming towards health, Qatar is a desert country; therefore you have to drink a lot of water. Apart from it, always use mask when going in heavy dust areas. Sinus patients are advised to consult their doctors on regular basis. Though annual rainfall is very less but it makes the weather pleasant.

Many people are investing in Riyal these days but do remember that you have to face the exchange rate fluctuation in this way. It can be beneficial for you at times but can also be a risk, so be careful. Besides this, rental property in Qatar is also a great investment. If you are a foreigner and want to know the whole process of purchasing property, consult with an online real estate website, they will guide you completely. If you are a local, you can personally visit the real estate agent and consult with a lawyer too. Since locals are famous for their word of mouth, they are usually loyal and thus you can trust them in doing partnership business. But double check all documentations and agreements before signing anything. You can also start a service business and for that remember that the customers in Qatar always appreciate high quality service. They are more service sensitive rather than being price sensitive. Execution of business in Qatar is fast, people are immigrating to this country at a rapid rate, contributing to higher GDP rates. From desert games to singing, you will experience Qatar as a fun-loving state to live. The dress code for women is abaya (a dress covering the entire women’s body), thus Muslim women can live easily and they are also allowed to work freely under husband’s sponsorship.

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