There is a Will and There is a Way—Funding Your Small Business

There is a Will and There is a Way—Funding Your Small Business
July 23, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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If you have always wanted to start your own business, you may be struggling with a roadblock every entrepreneur runs across: funding. Funding your small business may seem like a colossal task at first, but don’t lose heart. There are several methods of funding you can consider to help get your business off the ground.

Pledge Future Earnings

This is one of the most straightforward ways for you to find the funding you need. Consult with interested investors and discuss pledging a portion of your future earnings for their financial investment. Your ability to negotiate will depend largely on your situation, and there are numerous ways for you to discuss your terms to get the funding you need.

Bank Loans

Tried and true, a business loan has been the go-to option for centuries. In this situation, all you need to do is speak with the bank and learn more about what options are available to you. You may have some room to negotiate here as well, though be mindful of long-term costs when it comes to big loans.

Credit Cards

Depending on your credit and how much money you need, it can be easy for you to use credit cards to get funding. See what credit card options you have available to you and think about how feasible it is for you to repay them at a reasonable pace while managing your business. Careful planning and long-term financial management is key in getting the most out of this situation.


A modern solution to the issue of funding, working with a crowdfunding website can be a great way for you to not only get the money you need, but also start building your target base. The people who send you donations to help you start your business can learn more about what services you offer and how they can benefit from your expansion in the future.


If you are not approved for a major bank loan, you may consider speaking with microlenders instead. These groups focus on providing individuals with a number of smaller loaning options to help them secure the funds they need. If you only need a smaller amount and are not interested in going through bank channels, consider microloan options.

Like with any such major decision, it is strongly recommended for you to weigh your options and think about what can work best for your needs. Not every financing plan works the same as any other, and knowing what to expect can give you a tremendous advantage in the future.

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