The Most Common Disengaged Employee Symptoms (& How to Relieve Them)

Every manager has dealt with unpleasant surprises. Maybe it was an employee who quit suddenly. Or perhaps someone who used to be a great worker isn’t producing the results they achieved before.

But the real surprise isn’t that workers leave or lose steam. It’s that they’ve been giving you clues all along that they were unhappy—and you just didn’t realize it.

Employees who aren’t satisfied with their work start acting distracted at the office. There’s a whole range of disengaged employee symptoms, and it varies between individuals. Here are a few of the more common things people do at work, besides actually working:

  • Surf or shop online

  • Play games

  • Take a nap

  • Show up late

  • Search for new jobs

All of these bad employee traits lower productivity—not to mention morale.

To fix this issue, you need to get the facts about employee engagement. Understand what makes employees feel dissatisfied at work, and learn to look for the warning signs of disengaged employees. Check out the image below to find all this info—plus four ways you can get your team to engage at work like never before.


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