The Importance Of Technical Writing Skills To Win A High-Value Tender In NSW

The Importance Of Technical Writing Skills To Win A High-Value Tender In NSW
March 9, 2019 Eada Hudes
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Why are most businesses in NSW aiming to win high-value tenders?

Every business aims to succeed, reach new levels and expand. Since the current market is highly competitive, any NSW-based company aiming to expand needs to identify valuable tender opportunities in the market.  Most private and government tenders are high-value business contracts that can enhance the growth of any business, irrespective of its market structure.

Many organisations are facing problems after the introduction of the eTendering procurement process. Along with many states across the globe, the NSW government has also accepted digitisation, and most private and government contractors are opting for eTendering in NSW because it encourages transparency, reduces paper waste and results in a faster procurement process.

Why is technical writing important for winning tenders?

A technical writer is an expert in effectively communicating complex and technical information in a specific domain. A professional writers who specialises in tender writing is a technical writer with commercial business knowledge and experience necessary to create technically sound and persuasive proposals.

In creative writing, which typically focuses on crafting a narrative and creating compelling characters, technical writing is a form of technical communication used in technical and occupational fields. Although writing a business proposal does require some creativity, technical writing skills are necessary to carefully analyse the tender documents, address queries, and drafting a response.

You may wonder why you need an expert writer if you are well versed in business language. There are two main benefits to hiring an expert to do your proposal writing for you. First, hiring a highly-skilled technical writer can help you save valuable time which could be otherwise allocated to more important tasks. Second, an expert technical writer possesses the unique combination of professional writing skills and business experience that are necessary for creating successful proposals. Typically, a professional writer who specialises in tender writing has years of industry experience, an in-depth understanding of the tender industry and hands-on experience in bid development and management, and experience in using the eTendering portal.


Tenders in NSW follow the same process as tenders in any other parts of the world. The structure may differ from country-to-country and industry-to-industry; however, the approach remains the same.

Here are some of the essential steps to approaching a business contract:
  • Identify a high-value tender within your industry
  • Become familiar with the corporate laws and tender regulations practised in your country
  • Analyse the tender documents
  • Highlight the significant points
  • Write your queries and have them resolved by the tender committee
  • Address all of the questions in the tender documents
  • Do not directly sell your business; instead, show how the tenderer can benefit from hiring you
  • Draft an error-free, persuasive response
  • Proofread your proposal more than once
  • Submit all of the necessary documents before the deadline

Novice technical writers often fail to meet the deadline and neglect proofreading their response, resulting in mistakes and/or rejection. You can increase your chances of winning high-value tenders by hiring an experienced and professional technical writer.

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