The Best Time to Call for Car Ac Repair

The Best Time to Call for Car Ac Repair
June 13, 2018 Justin Jersey
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When you start driving your car for a few moments with the air conditioner on you and feel that the car is not as cold as it used to be you wonder what might have gone wrong with the cooling system. Well, there are several reasons for it and you must immediately take your car to a qualified technician for prompt car ac repair. This will prevent major repairing or replacement cost.

Car Ac Repair

Car Ac Repair

Reasons for Failing

The common reasons for the car air conditioning unit failing include:

  • There is a leak in the Freon due to a failed seal, O-ring or hose
  • The expansion tube or the refrigerant charging hose is clogged
  • The compressor or the compressor clutch may have failed
  • The blower motor or its resistor may have failed
  • The condenser or evaporator may be damaged
  • There may be vacuum leaks or a failed switch, relay, fuse, control module, solenoid or blend door

Any leaks can be dangerous and such a system is usually called an “open system.” The cost of car ac repair will be less if the technician or you discover the problem early. This is because excess moisture will not enter the system and damage other expensive vital components.

From Cool to Hot

Sometimes the system may start with proper cooling but may start getting warm soon. The listed symptoms of such situations include:

  • A clogged expansion valve affecting proper distribution of refrigerant to the evaporator resulting in freezing of the valve altogether if there is any moisture present.
  • A faulty compressor clutch will affect in maintaining the correct pressure resulting in hot air emission.
  • A blown fuse will mean that there is no power to certain components.

All these situations and faults will warrant for a professional car ac repair.

Checks to Make

There are a few checks to make to reduce the time for car ac repair and these are as follows:

  • Check the air flow as you start the car and turn on the air conditioner. Any anomaly will signify an issue with the cabin air filter of the car.
  • Check if the cooling fans are working fine. If not, there may be an electrical issue.
  • Also, check the compressor and the engine bay to see whether the middle of the pulley is turning with the rest of it and if it is not then the compressor may be broken.
  • Check the connector and unplug it to check whether current is flowing.
  • If you have leak detection kits, then you must check for leaks as well.

Refrigerant and Port

The most important thing about car air conditioner is the ambient temperature that you should check with a thermometer. As the refrigerant occupies different amount of space under different temperatures, such checks will tell you when you need to prepare for a refrigerant replacement. You must buy proper refrigerant as per the car’s specification and always take help of a professional.

Handling the port is also very important during car ac repair and may require professional expertise for the same.

Using AC Recharge Kit

Follow the step by step directions to use the recharge kit while dealing with car ac repair.

  • Attach charging hose to L port on lower side
  • Turn on the engine of the car
  • Shake the canister well prior to pulling the trigger to inject refrigerant
  • Inject refrigerant into the system but make sure you wear gloves as the canister will become ice cold
  • Keep on injecting until the pressure gauge reads 40psi and do not overflow.

Remove the hose from the L port when you are done.

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