Super Shopper: Five Brands Who Have Stepped Up Their Advertising Game

It’s easier than ever to get in touch with consumers than in the previous decades, but the benefits of communications technology are a two-edged sword that also mean increased competition for companies. Many of the smartest players in their industries have managed to circumvent this little problem with innovative or merely pragmatic advertising campaigns. What do you think the average consumer sees when they think about products like these?


The Infectiousness of the Old Spice Whistle

Super Shopper Five Brands Who Have Stepped Up Their Advertising Game 1

Faced with an old-school brand image that was quickly becoming irrelevant, Old Spice took a risk with the whimsical comedy of Isaiah Mustafa, and it paid off in spades. By recognizing the importance of humor in advertising campaigns, Old Spice transformed their deodorant into a series of irrepressible memes powered indefinitely by the social networking antics of Youtube and Twitter.


The Most Interesting Beer in the World

Super Shopper Five Brands Who Have Stepped Up Their Advertising Game 2

The Dos Equis advertising campaign showcases how an advertisement doesn’t need to be pushy or blunt to be effective. Although the actual beer is limited to a brief mention in the conclusion of each ad, the so-called ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ has managed to increase sales for four years straight, in a climate where other beer brands saw shrinking annual sales.


A Travel Home for Furry Friends

Super Shopper Five Brands Who Have Stepped Up Their Advertising Game 3

Even in a rocky job market, the pet industry remains not only reliable, but even growth-oriented, with consumers more interested in providing comfort and care for their pets than ever. Popular dog crate brands from companies like Petco,, and Tractor Supply have largely managed to overcome initial price barriers by emphasizing the longevity of their crates, which can be lifetime investments. Rather than focusing on the passing trends, this industry has found that the focus on long-term quality has been the best idea.


The Scent That’s an ‘Axe’ to the Head

Super Shopper Five Brands Who Have Stepped Up Their Advertising Game 4

Capitalizing on the eternal gender-based competition of romance and all that comes with it, Axe Body Spray has become a simple but potent parody that increases sales for both itself, and for peripheral products from the company. By taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to advertising that simultaneously mocked and reveled in the essential lie of marketing, Axe managed to dominate the personal hygiene market, merrily annihilating its closest rival, Tag.


Taco Bell Rings the Bell on Crazy Products

Super Shopper Five Brands Who Have Stepped Up Their Advertising Game 5

Competition in the fast food market is tighter than ever, and with competition like Subway’s leveraging an emphasis on ‘healthy’ choices, a traditional franchise like Taco Bell has a long hill to climb. So how has this venerable American-Mexican restaurant chain managed to keep superb sales even through its infamous ‘where’s the beef’ controversy? By providing unique foods you can’t find elsewhere, including constant experiments and twists on old favorites, like the Doritos Locos Taco.


If there’s anything to learn from these popular ad campaigns, it’s that there’s more than one way to make your brand a success. Adaptation to the current customer climate always is critical, and it seems probable that future successes for 2014 will include those products with efficient pricing models to back up their enormously creative marketing campaigns.

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