Structural Steel Beams – Support Your Building’s Weight Simply

Structural Steel Beams – Support Your Building’s Weight Simply
February 16, 2016 Harry Caesar
structural steel beams

Structural steel beams are used in various types of construction projects. However, not all structural steel beams cost the same. There are various factors that determine the price of structural steel, such as quantity, length of sections, material, and also the place it is bought from.

As a contractor, you want to get the highest quality materials at the lowest price possible. For that to happen, you should have an idea on how to estimate the price of structural steel beams.

structural steel beams

Structural Steel Beams

Ways to estimate the structural steel beam

As a buyer, you must know the fact that structural steel is priced according to its weight. Therefore, it is very important for you to realize your requirement first and then decide upon the specific sections that you are going to use. For the ones who are still confused with the estimates, a quick guide has been mentioned below-

  • Your first step should be to group the various steels depending upon their grade. After assemblage, you must then group your material, which is required per section. The industry experts suggest grouping it all with the method of tied connection.
  • After that, you should move on with alignment of structural steel liable upon their location on your project. It is better to maintain proper sequence of all the take-offs with the help of details and columns.
  • Now, you need to state the details and beams per floor. While doing this, it is best to always take off the quantities for flooring and bracing. Finally, you are required to keep in mind the estimate of the quantities of accessories, connectors and plates.

Once you have got all of that, you would be able to calculate total amount of steel required by weight. Hence, you can get a fair estimate of the price.

Structural Steel Beams - home

Structural Steel Beams – home

How to cut down on structural steel expenses

If your order is small, you would need to purchase from warehouses. When that happens, there is a good chance that there might be delay in deliveries. Sometimes, the delays can be so much that is pushes up the cost of steel. In order to avoid that, you can have a contract with escalation clauses. The clauses should state the maximum amount of overhead that you are liable to pay in case of delays. You should negotiate this clause to the last penny in order to keep your costs down.

When you are handling a large project, it would be best to buy straight from steel mills, since they would give you the best bulk price.


Structural Steel Icons

Tips to choose the best structural steel beam supplier

  1. Quality- The foremost consideration on selecting the steel beam supplier is good idea. You must have the complete knowledge about the type of alloy that the manufacturer uses in the construction of the steel beam and the compound structure too. Whether you are planning to get the materials as a homeowner or as a builder, you should look for this factor at any cost. Until unless you have chosen a good manufacturer, you will not be able to get the finest steel beams.
  1. Customer service- The structural steel beam supplier that you are looking forward to must provide excellent customer support services. Many companies offer complete installation services and send their team to your place to fit in everything. They try to minimize the use of resources and extend complete help. With perfect customer service, you will be able to contact the supplier’s team at any point of time when you are facing any issues with the product.
  1. Site delivery- Since these structural steel beams are very heavy and cannot be moved by you alone. So make sure that supplier offers the on-site delivery facility and the personnel to off load the items. Professional suppliers have those heavy-duty machineries, which are very helpful in carrying these loads. Before actually finalizing one such supplier, you must assure this factor. Else, you will face serious issues later.

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  1. Marcus Coons 3 years ago

    Thank you for talking about the importance of getting the best quality steel beams for any project. My brother is planning on building a garage outside his house and wants to do some steel estimating to make sure he gets the best value. It is important to remember that taking the time to check with a trusted professional can help you find the best type of materials for your structure and make sure they will be strong enough for your needs.

  2. William Hook 2 years ago

    This is a wonderful article for all those who are looking to implement structural steel beams solutions or to hire structural steel fabricators. Thanks for sharing the information related to how to estimate the price of structural steel beams.

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