Steps To Keep In Mind For A Successful Concrete Core Drilling

Steps To Keep In Mind For A Successful Concrete Core Drilling
July 17, 2019 Justin Jersey
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Concrete Core Drilling

The first thing that might come to the mind of a layman when they hear concrete core drilling is making a hole in the wall of their house to hang a picture or to attach a piece of furniture. The actual process while might be like this assumption is more complex and comes handy in many large-scale projects, especially for inspection and testing purpose. If a company wants to know the current condition of their building from within the structure, then they will hire a company to perform the concrete core drilling technique and check the foundation with a borehole camera.

Essential Steps for Concrete Core Drilling

Besides, being a testing procedure, core drilling also comes in handy for shifting the weight of a building to a deeper level to ensure more safety and stability for the structure of the building. That said, concrete core drilling also comes in handy for electricians and plumbers who are required to bore deep holes in the building for maintenance or installation process. But no matter who is using it, there are a few tips and steps that must be followed to ensure a successful drilling.

The Things One Must Keep in Mind While Performing the Concrete Core Drilling Are:

Concrete Core Drilling

  1. Know the Drill – You cannot use the same drill to bore a hole for installation procedure and for testing the foundation. Whether your job requires the hand-held one or the rigged one is something that you must be able to determine on your own. Some concrete core drilling that requires a drilling that exceeds the 4 inch diameter, and, in such instances, you need to make use of the stand or rigged drill.
  2. Drill Motor – The place you are working and the source of power available determines whether you require air, hydraulic, or simple electric drilling machine. You need to consider the area and environment of your work site and that too plays a crucial role in selecting the drill motor. The work site and nature affect the decision, as to whether you require the use of stand or not for concrete core drilling. Whether you require vacuum stands or wall anchors depends on that.
  3. Choosing the Drill Bit – The tip is made of diamond, as that is industry standard, but not all tips are of the same cut or bit hub – cutting surface bond. The aggregate material used in concrete surface and the compressive strength of the surface determines the tip. Easiest way to remember is, it is best to use hard bond for softer surface and vice versa.
  4. Know the Depth You Need – Whether the job will be done with just the drill and the diamond bit or you need to carry your toolkit to add accessories depends on the depth on the hole you will be drilling. In case you need to drill a depth of more than one foot, you would require barrel bit which will work as an extension.
  5. Safety First – Even though, it is written as the last tip, safety should be a priority when performing concrete core drilling. You must wear goggles, and earplugs to prevent damage to your ears and eyes. Make sure the bits, stands, and anchors – when used – are secured and working well.


While the process of concrete core drilling might seem hard, it is not the case with proper tools and when you follow the correct procedure after reading the user manual and practice a bit. Professionals too are always careful and follow all the required checks, especially the power source.

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