Solar and Battery Power: Tools to Change the World

Solar and Battery Power: Tools to Change the World
December 20, 2018 Lana Wilde
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Solar and battery power have already reshaped our world to be more environmentally friendly, and more amazing changes are just round the corner. They will affect not only our immediate surroundings but our bodies, too. Highly developed countries are investing hundreds of billions in solar and battery power, and here is what it means for the world.

Transport transformation

You may or may not remember the very first stories about cars which don’t run on gasoline and how far-fetched the idea used to look. Well, now it has turned into reality, with Tesla cars appearing more and more on the motorways. Electric cars aren’t to be considered too slow or too weak either – the latest Tesla model can be driven up to 160 kilometres without recharging.

What is more, manufacturing car solar roofs is extremely encouraged. Finally, you’ll be able to make use of that scorching sun since it will be transforming all its energy via the solar roof. Bearing in mind most car roofs are made of recycled metal, this will significantly reduce the amount of metal in the landfills, too.

Motivated manufacturers

Increased production of solar and battery energy matches and triggers increased changes in manufacturing industry. Namely, in order to install all those new systems for harnessing renewable energy, new devices and machines have to be produced. This is especially true for valves manufacturing industry since it is already experiencing huge changes due to increased usage of alternative power resources.

By the way, not only are the tools, machine parts and systems changing, but the employees as well. There is a greater demand for engineers, too, since they are the ones coming up with ideas how to adapt to new demands.

Homes and offices

Solar panels installation is so practical and energy- and money-saving that it’s a real puzzle how come all houses and buildings aren’t already equipped with them. For example, a tower or office block with solar roofing can save up to 25% of the energy used. As for homes, their cooling costs will be some 40% lower, which is far from negligible. Therefore, we can expect more shiny, solar panelled roofs in the future.

Environmentally friendly

It almost goes without saying, but let’s remind ourselves of the biggest reasons why exactly we’ve been investing in solar and battery power development. The traditional fuels are poisoning the environment constantly, thus adding to the overall global warming. If we turn to these alternative energy resources, we’ll have less air, water and land pollution, and we’ll be healthier, too.

Lastly, non-renewable energy resources are much more prone to causing accidents, such as catastrophic oil spills, for example. By using solar and battery power, we are creating a healthier environment for all of living beings.

Batteries in biomedicine

The last couple of decades have been absolutely incredible when it comes to breakthroughs in medicine. Simply compare today’s operations and cures to the ones used in the middle of the 20th century, and you’ll get the picture. Nowadays, we are more and more turning to using micro and nanotechnology in medicine, and batteries will have a huge role to play.

At the moment, scientists are trying to find new ways of using microscale batteries in biomedicine. They are supposed to aid pacemakers and prosthetic limbs, for starters. With the global population rapidly becoming older, we can expect large investments in this field to continue.

Chances of employment

Just like the solar and battery power are calling for more engineers and new inventions, they are inspiring some other working positions, too. Large-scale installation and maintenance of solar panels requires a lot of labour, so the areas where they are built are bound to reduce the unemployment rate. At the moment, Dubai has almost 400 job vacancies for solar power experts, while in the USA there are 260,000 solar energy workers, and the number is only to rise in the years to come. Obviously, new sources of energy mean new careers, too.

Admittedly, no energy source is absolutely perfect, and both solar and battery power have their disadvantages, too. Nevertheless, their benefits outweigh the cons, and we can expect great changes for the better in the near future.


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