Smart Investing: 4 Pieces of Equipment to Buy for Lower Production Costs

Smart Investing: 4 Pieces of Equipment to Buy for Lower Production Costs
June 18, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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As any manufacturer knows, the more product you can get out the door the more money you usually can make. When considering how to increase your production, there are numerous pieces of equipment that can help. The ones below will not only help to improve your output, but they will also work to lower your production costs so you can essentially produce more for even less.

Conveyor Belts

One of the simplest pieces of equipment that you’ll ever buy, the conveyor belt plays such a vital role in the increased production of a manufacturing plant. The truth is that many companies underuse these pieces of equipment. Managers just get used to the way things have always run around the manufacturing floor and allow for manual labor instead of conveyors. By assessing your factory floor, we’re sure there are locations where you would be better off having a conveyor belt to transport items. This will reduce the number of employees that you’ll need to pay for the hands-on moving of the product.


ASRS stands for automated storage and retrieval system. This is an automatic storage system that consists of a variety of computer-controlled components that allow for the placing and retrieval of specific items. Think of ASRS as a large bookshelf that stores all your products. When you want to put your product up on the shelf for safekeeping, the machine does so. When you want to retrieve that item to ship it out, your machine will go get it for you.

Automatic Guided Vehicles

One of the biggest expenses that any factory is going to face is the cost of human labor. The more you can minimize the amount of physical labor that you need in your production process, the more money that you can save overall. Automatic guided vehicles are one of the newest ways to help automize your factory production. These are essentially mobile robots that use specific wires and markers on the factory floor to guide themselves while they move large materials around the manufacturing facility.

Energy-Efficient Machinery

There are so many pieces of equipment that are now being designed to be energy efficient. From conveyor belts to industrial mixers, there are many options. When trying to lower your overall production costs, you may want to consider purchasing these more energy-efficient options. By talking with your silicone mixing equipment suppliers and other vendors, you can be sure to discover what pieces of your equipment are available in the energy-efficient models.

Investing in equipment that will lower your production costs is a must to keep your bottom line growing. The above are just four different types of equipment that you can utilize in your production process. As you work towards the mindset of getting equipment that helps to lower production costs, we’re sure you’ll come up with many more options.

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