Six Tools You Need To Help Your Business Succeed And Stay Organized

Six Tools You Need To Help Your Business Succeed And Stay Organized
August 19, 2015 Anita Ginsburg

6 Tools You Need To Help Your Business Succeed And Stay Organized

When running a business, you need to be spending your time as efficiently as possible. There are certain tools available that help the busy entrepreneur stay organized and enable you to spend more of your time selling your product or providing your service, rather than managing your business.

Mail Chimp Is the Champ for Organizing Your Email Communications

Every business needs to build a mailing list of their customers. It is far too time consuming to individually track each communication you get, so let Mail Chimp handle this for you. This email marketing tool makes it easy to collect email addresses, and it makes sure you do it in ways that comply with anti-spam laws.

Dropbox Is a Central Location For All Important Documents

If you have workers spread out all over the place, sometimes you may need to be able to quickly get an important document to them. Or perhaps you simply need a central location where all the members of a team working on an important project can get access to the documents they may require. Dropbox provides one simple place giving password access to important documents that you and others may need.

ZenDesk Simplifies Your Customer Support

Zendesk provides a central management system for all customer support inquiries whether they come from email, phone, social media post or a chat message. It not only enables you to deal with any issues more efficiently, but ZenDesk also offers customers self-help services, so if they can find the answer they are looking for themselves, you may not have to deal with some customer inquiries at all.

Dell Chromebox for Meetings For When You All Need to Get Together

Sometimes there is no substitute for getting everyone in a room together for a meeting, whether to compare notes or to plan strategy on a major project. Sometimes, however, this isn’t possible or practical because the people you need to meet with are spread out. Dell combined with Google’s Chromebox for Meetings is the perfect solution for this type of situation. All the members of your team can be together in a real-time videoconferencing setup over the internet, or it can also be used to meet with distant clients.

QuickBooks to Keep All the Finances Straight

It is estimated that Intuit’s QuickBooks software has 80 percent of the market share of small businesses. It enables businesses to keep all their financial records organized in one place and is much simpler than paper or spreadsheets. It tracks all your revenue and expenses so you can get a financial snapshot of your business at any time. Because it is the most widely used accounting program for small business, many other software makers, whether they make customer relationship management programs or inventory programs, make their software integrate with QuickBooks.

Acculynx Is a Multi-Faceted Solution for Your Contracting Business

Acculynx CRM Software is perfect for anyone running a contracting type business. It will enable you to schedule jobs with customers, and keep other workers in the field up to date with the latest information they need to complete the job. It provides documented communication, so there is no question about what the customer wants and it enhances work flow and in-the-field estimating of contractor jobs. Finally, task scheduling and reporting enable you to keep on top of jobs until they are completed and know how many hours were spent and revenue from and expenditures on the job.

The above tools can help your business stay organized. Being more efficient with your time is a big part of the success of running a small business. Every minute spent on tasks that are not directly making you money is time that is taken away from your revenue potential, and the above tools should help you minimize this.

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