Six Simple Ways You Can Make Your Business Meetings More Effective

Six Simple Ways You Can Make Your Business Meetings More Effective
October 12, 2015 Anita Ginsburg

6 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Business Meetings More Effective

Meetings are a daily part of life in most business environments, and your team can accomplish great things at an effective meeting. However, meetings also take time out of the day for each person in attendance, and the last thing you want is for these meetings to ultimately be ineffective and a waste of time. With proper effort, you can more easily plan an effective meeting for all in attendance.

Think About the Time of Day

The time of day for the meeting should also be considered. Many people find it easier to get to meetings first thing in the morning, but not everyone is alert at this time of day. Later in the day, attendees may be flustered and stressed after a long day at work, or some may get bogged down with projects and fail to attend altogether. Think of the people attending the meeting and plan the meeting a time when they are less busy.

Choose the Right Venue

The venue is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a meeting. It will affect everything from driving time to how much seating is available. There are various types of meeting spaces, including those with a smaller or larger conference table, rows of seating or even auditorium-style seating. It’s important to find a place like Noah’s Event Venues that provides a professional environment and a variety of meeting room options.

Select Suitable Equipment

The ideal venue will have the right combination of audio visual equipment on-hand for you to use. This may include a microphone and podium, a projection screen, television monitors, a speaker phone for conference calls and more. If you choose a venue that does not have the proper equipment available, you will need to provide that equipment yourself. There may be cost associated with this as well as set-up time on your part.

Create a Meeting Plan

An effective meeting is one that has a clear, defined purpose and that is planned accordingly so that it does not waste the time of attendees. A meeting plan can be carefully created beforehand that covers all of the talking points and that will keep the attendees on topic.

Prepare Your Materials

Creating a meeting plan will often help you to determine if you need to bring any materials to the meeting. This may include a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, brochures, videos or other items. By preparing these materials ahead of time, you will ensure that the attendees have all relevant information in front of them during the meeting.

Think About Snacks and Drinks

Drinks and snacks are not a necessary part of a meeting, but they can be beneficial for longer meetings. For a short meeting, drinks and snacks may be an unnecessary cost as well as a distraction. For a longer meeting, they can provide the attendees with the sustenance they need to stay focused and alert throughout the event.

Planning an effective meeting takes some time and effort on your part. However, when you pay attention to these points, you will cover all of the bases to ensure that your meeting is as successful as possible.

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