Singapore Business Travel: 5 Tips to Make Your Business Trip a Success

Singapore Business Travel: 5 Tips to Make Your Business Trip a Success
July 3, 2019 Stella Lane
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In recent years, Singapore has become one of the most renowned business hubs in the world. Entrepreneurs and business leaders, and even entire corporate teams are flocking to Singapore to enjoy their corporate retreats, mix work and fun, and seal business-changing partnerships. Combined with an alluring cultural and culinary scene, this makes Singapore the ideal destination for almost every business trip.  

Whatever the primary reason for your business escapade to Singapore may be, it’s important that you learn how to mix business with pleasure in order to wow your colleagues, and provide a memorable experience for your clients that will inspire them to sign on the dotted line. Here are the five tips that will make your Singaporean business trip a success.

Take a tour of the cultural landmarks

A good way to start your business trip when you touch down is to take a tour of the city, whether you’re the host or the guest. This allows people to get acquainted and break the ice though pleasant, often non-work-related conversations while soaking in the beauty and vibrant nature of the big city.

Of course, this needn’t be a lengthy excursion, nor does it have to be a walking tour. You can organize professional transportation for your clients and colleagues from one cultural landmark to the other, and hire a professional guide to fill the excursion with interesting facts and historic information. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time to enjoy the local cuisine and start discussing strategy. 

Discuss strategy over some local cuisine

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Lunchtime is not the ideal time to discuss important business questions, especially if there are a lot of moving parts involved that require a more professional setting. Nevertheless, taking your clients or partners out for lunch is the ideal way to preface a lengthy meeting with a satiating, tasty meal and open up the conversation for the more complex discussions to come.

Keep the conversation light and don’t be afraid to interlace the business talk with personal anecdotes and even inspire your interlocutors to share personal stories as well. This will slowly nudge the conversation in the right direction and ensure productivity later on without creating a “stiff” work environment. Singapore has many eateries scattered around the map for you to enjoy, ranging from fine-dining experiences to burger houses and Hawker centers, so be sure to ask your clients what they are in the mood for.

Conduct meetings in a professional setting

When the time comes to talk business without any distractions, you will need to move the conversations to a more professional setting, one that’s tailor-made to accommodate business professionals and all of their needs. Some of the best meeting rooms in Singapore will provide you with all of the necessary tools to make your presentation a success, such as microphones and projectors, all the while preserving the intimate vibe to make your meeting as enjoyable as possible.

You can choose between coworking spaces and hotels, the former offering a more vivid work environment in terms of traffic, while the latter offer a more professional setting with plenty of privacy and a serviced experience. Whatever you choose, it’s important that you book a meeting room that will allow you and your partners to concentrate on the matter at hand.

Learn to navigate the city streets

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When navigating through Singapore to meet your potential clients, make a scheduled lunch, or take your guests around on a cultural tour, you need to know exactly how to get around. After all, this is an expansive city filled with intricate mazes of streets and alleyways, so you don’t want to waste time trying to find your way around.

By far the best way to get around if you want to avoid the dreaded rush hour is to simply use the local train system. The metro is reliable, punctual, and affordable, and its intricate network ensures that you can reach every corner of the city more efficiently than you would by trying to hail a cab.

Book your accommodation in the city’s business districts

And finally, in order to make your business trip as enjoyable and productive as possible, you will need to find the best local stays. Hotels are usually the best places for business travelers, as they offer a wide range of amenities needed to conduct meetings, socialize with business partners, and enjoy a fully-serviced professional and personal environment. You will find the top business hotels in the Marina Bay area, and Orchard Road.

Parting words

Singapore is one of the most popular travel destinations for business leaders nowadays, as it has everything you might need to experience a fun trip while organizing a career-changing meet-up with potential partners and clients. With these tips in mind, go ahead and organize yourself a Singapore business trip that will change your professional life for the better.

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