Seven Secrets to Upsell your Property at Best Ever Prices!

Seven Secrets to Upsell your Property at Best Ever Prices!
April 29, 2014 Howayda Alame

This article is well formulated to tell you that there are a few things you could apply to uplift your property prices.

Top tricks to enhance your property trades and to top the best prices while selling your property. If you have a property in Oman, you have a gem that needs a little scrub. I’ve discussed a few points to inform my readers what tricks they could implement to upsell your property prices.

Price your property correctly

Secret 1: Price your property correctly
Find out the original price of your property and apply the most common trick to upsell your property, that is – Shave off the original price at about 5 to 10 percent. Property in Oman can never be undermined but it takes time to sell it off. If you want to speed up the recovery, you can apply as said. Buyers will automatically flood in to get this deal with multiple bids. Ask for their bids and see who’s willing to pay above the actual. Trust me, bidders will never want to lose it. If you doubt over this strategy, try it. You’ll be the first one to admit to this.

Ample Storage

Secret 2: Ample Storage
Storage is one of the main things that buyers look for. If you want to drag in consistent buyers, treat them with more storage space. Arrange your closets as nicely & neatly as you could. Buyers will be attracted to see the space provided. The best way to present your closet nicely is half empty them and show them there’s still a lot of space to keep up.

Secret 3: Lit up

Say for instance if you have light regulators; keep them at max to light up the place properly. After location and storage, good lighting effect is the most tempting element that buyers look for. Apply all possible ways to encourage sunlight inflow. Cut down the backyard bushes, increase the number of lamps, and wash shades and curtains to give a new fresh enlightened outlook. The more cheery it is, the more sellable it is and the more prices you’ll get.

Property Broker

Secret 4: Property Broker
It works best when you take a professional agent in confidence. Ask him to relate your property to the present market and evaluate the best possible rates. It is best when the agent is a tech savvy, he’ll take good use of internet to sell out your property at good rates. Or else, he could present your property for sale on different property forums selling platforms.

Secret 5: Keep your critters at a distance
It is not always the way you think is. There are people allergic to pets and they won’t get into a place where they think would have to smell, kitty tray, pet food or hair tufts littering around. With this, you might lose some of the potential buyers and if you are thinking to keep an open house, send your pets to a nice pet hotel. It’ would be a nice change for them too.

Secret 6: Avoid excessive makeover
Quick fixes or a slight revamping could add zest to your place but a lot could do the opposite. You don’t have to show your buyers that you are tricking them to sell your property. Let it be the way it is, all you could do is a paint coat, cleaning and dusting of a place, fix the broken fixtures and leaky faucets. That’s it!

First Impression is the Last

Secret 7: First Impression is the Last
Never turn down your buyers. If they are at your doorstep to survey your property, be welcoming and usher them nicely to show the place. If you are thinking that you would convince your buyer in the second, that’s your thought. Keep your place in the best possible way and let in your buyer anytime he walks in.

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