Recreate an Aesthetic Room with Modern Ceiling Panels

Recreate an Aesthetic Room with Modern Ceiling Panels
November 26, 2018 Justin Jersey
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Desiring world-class interiors for your home? The detailing of your walls to windows and doors to artifacts can fall short if due consideration is not given to the ceiling panels of your abode. To add an aesthetic feel to your place, it is imperative to consider the ceiling of the room as well.

While designing the interiors of any house, ceilings are painted white and no further consideration is given to amplify its look further. Maximum what your interior decorator could offer is to play around with these ceilings by adding a border molding of Plaster of Paris.

It’s time to experiment with modern ceiling panels to add an aesthetic look to your abode!!

With a wide variety of options available for the four walls of your room, now call for the fifth wall to be matched with the décor i.e. the ceilings of your room. Give a new dimension to the room by opting for newer ceiling designs. Varying from budget-friendly to extravagant options, these modern ceiling panels add an awe-inspiring look to your décor. It’s time to uplift the appearance of these spaces. Take your pick from the wide range in modern ceiling panels and add an individualistic touch to your rooms.

ceiling panels

ceiling panels

Types of Modern Ceiling Panels:

1)      3 D Drop Ceiling Panels

These offer the options of creating 3 D patterns on your false ceiling, ranging from spiral designs to 3 D cubical ones.

2)      Metal and Faux / Tin Ceiling Tiles

They are made of tin or copper plates. A wide variety of designs are available in the embossed pattern with the rusty tin look. Tin ceiling tiles are a perfect choice with modern ceiling tiles that inherit a royal traditional art. However, with technology advances, you can go for the cheap PVC tiles with a copper metal look; they give, more or less, the same look as real metal copper panels, but are within your budget. Though, they absorb less sound and offer little insulation.

3)      Radiant Ceiling Panels

These are designed specifically to provide insulation to the room. They work on the principle of transferring heat through circulation. Heat is transferred either through the flow of hot water in pipes fitted in the panels, electric wires, or hot air flow.

Radiant ceiling panels are made from high-density fiberglass insulation board. Each panel is fixed with a thermostat to regulate the temperatures.

The textured surface coating gives the desired modern look and is mounted in the frame. These panels are usually one-inch thick and powered by a current of 120 or 240-volt. Once activated, they can reach the desired room temperature within a few minutes.

Ceiling Panels

Also, they provide even cooling from floor to ceiling and ensure better energy saving than the conventional central heating via insulation types. You can expect to save considerably on your energy bills with these insulated ceilings.

4)      Wood Ceiling Panels

To cherish a natural look in your rooms, wooden modern ceiling panels are the best options. They are available in a wide range of colors such as cherry wood with a tinge of reddish brown or a deep brown. The natural grains of the wood imparts a classic feel and helps you feel closer to nature. You can also try a raw and untreated wood texture to add a rustic touch to your interiors.


Vinyl ceiling panels and fiberglass ceiling panels are some options that can be availed. These are, also, available in various color designs and are counted under the budget-friendly options.

Whichever ceiling design option you choose, a makeover of your ceiling with these modern ceiling panels is bound to win praises of your family and friends. Getting your ceiling done surely adds a new dimension to your interiors, would you agree?

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