Real Education: How Colleges in the East Are Changing

Real Education: How Colleges in the East Are Changing
April 24, 2015 Brooke Chaplan

Education is one of the most rapidly changing industries in the United States today. Various colleges around the country are trying to adapt their curriculum to a changing world and careers that aren’t as often thought about. Many colleges are having to answer for students not being able to land jobs after becoming tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Due to this increased scrutiny, colleges are now having to offer more options to attract students. Some of the biggest changes colleges are offering, especially in the East, are online learning and study abroad programs. These changes reflect a changing education landscape around the world, where universities are having to adapt quickly to a changing world.

Real Education How Colleges in the East Are Changing 2

Study Abroad Overview
Study abroad programs are a great option for students interested in living or working internationally in their careers. Sometimes these trips are only a couple of weeks, and some programs last over a year. Students gain invaluable experience by being exposed to other cultures and learning a different language and way of life. Although many colleges encourage international students to attend, it is simply not the same experience as living in an entirely new culture for an extended period of time. Overall, reviews of study abroad programs have been very positive, and many universities will continue to expand their study abroad programs to meet their student’s needs.

Benefits To Students
While attending college, many students ask how the curriculum is applicable in daily life. There are many colleges today, especially on the East coast, that offer degrees you wouldn’t normally think about associated with a university. From more general communication and business management degrees, to increasingly specific, sports coaching masters degrees, colleges are finding ways to meet with student’s needs and help them find jobs after graduation. Personal development is something many students seek in both education and career, and this practice one example of the programs that seeks to capitalize on that desire. Students are ultimately wanting to better their lives by getting a degree, and colleges are starting to edit their degree programs to meet these needs with study abroad programs and degree programs in career and life.

Overall, colleges around the country are having to adjust everything they do to meet demand of students who want more out of education. Some colleges have responded by offering an expanded study abroad program where students can gain valuable experience by living, studying, and working in a foreign country. In addition, many degree programs are now geared more towards personal development. Some colleges in the East are now offering Master’s degree programs in more specific areas, and this is just one great example of expanded degree programs. This is an exciting time to witness the change that is taking place in education, and students around the world will be the biggest benefactors.

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