Rating a real estate call answering service

Rating a real estate call answering service
December 13, 2018 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Real estate is a business which never sleeps. There are no off-duty hours when it comes to buying and selling of properties. Traditional weekday working hours can be busy, but the nights and the weekends are the busiest times to conduct business, relay information and fixing up of appointments.

As the principal investor, you are required to talk directly with a client, and you end up juggling showings, client meetings along with your family obligations. It’s entirely true that life can be tough as no agent can be around the phone 24/7.

It is thus very essential to understand what a real estate call answering service can bring to your table when it comes to maintaining communication with potential clients to make sure a lead transforms into a sure deal. Facilities like the Call Porter real estate call center are perfect for handling real estate investors and ventures.

To know more about rating a professional real estate call answering service, read on!

Response from a real person

It is always advisable to lend that human touch in any business venture. Through a call answering service for your real estate venture, you are trusting a third party organization to ensure the care and professionalism you would expect from your firm. The level and service and the professionalism ensure you maintain a loyal client base and growth with respect to the reputation.

Responsive communication is a hallmark of a call answering service, and your clients will place a high value in your firm if you choose a professional and customizable call answering service. Your information needs to be relayed precisely so that potential clients feel safe and confident when dealing with property matters.

Customizable services

Trained professionals at a real estate call answering service are in the know about real estate and property management. They understand how the business works and thus will answer potential clients with expert level and accurate information. Their service will include,

  1. Accepting and forwarding messages as per your instruction
  2. Property information
  3. Forwarding live calls as your desk as and when the need arises
  4. Maintaining active communication channels with current clients and potential leads


Any property manager knows there are no off hours when it comes to dealing in real estate. More often than not your clients will be calling you after their work hours from the leisure of their homes where they can communicate freely with you. A customized 24-7 call answering service is thus highly sought after by real estate investors all around the world. This way you don’t have to worry about losing a potential business opportunity when you are unable to take a call. Experts at a call answering firm are explicitly trained to answer queries from clients and investors, setting of appointments and transferring of live calls to you or a designated employee without any delay.

Now that you are in the know about why you need a professional call answering service, all you need to do is choose the right one for you. Rate your service based on the aspects mentioned, and you will surely achieve success.

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