Planning Corporate Holiday Parties: Tips for Creating an Event All Employees Will Get Excited About

Planning Corporate Holiday Parties: Tips for Creating an Event All Employees Will Get Excited About
October 28, 2015 Anita Ginsburg

Tips For Creating An Event All Employees Will Get Excited About

When the holiday season approaches, your employees start wondering about the upcoming company party, and your HR department wonders how to make it an unforgettable event. With the tips below, you can plan a corporate holiday party everyone wants to attend.

  1. Invite Guests to a Must-See Location

If you want a sure way to spark employee interest in your corporate holiday party, hold it in an exciting location. Employees will look forward to dining in the new aquarium, but they likely won’t have the same enthusiasm for the buffet room at a local chain restaurant. Unusual corporate party venues include historic skyscrapers, skating rinks, quirky museums, or bowling alleys.

  1. Host a Party with a Cause

No matter what holidays your employees celebrate, they likely view the holiday season as a time for giving, so incorporate that spirit into your party. Perhaps you can sponsor a canned food competition for a local food bank. Whichever office department brings the most food receives a special prize at the party. Your company could also donate a set amount of money to a charity of your choice for every employee who RSVPs.

  1. Get People Out of Their Seats

The entertainment at your party should go beyond eating, drinking, and mingling. Otherwise, guests will become bored and leave, or not want to attend at all. Arrange for interactive entertainment like a magician, a comedian, or a well-known local band. Then guests can create memories as they laugh, dance, or watch in amazement. Remember to inform employees what type of fun awaits them when you advertise for the party.

  1. Offer Door Prizes for Everyone

You might think the chance to win one all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii motivates everyone to attend your party. But if you offer dozens of prizes rather than just one huge grand prize, employees have a greater chance to win, and more motivation to come. Use your door prize budget to buy something for everyone, even plus ones who accompany employee guests.

  1. Make Sure Everyone Gets Home Safe

The best way to end a memorable evening is to ensure every attendee returns home safely. If your employees will mostly drive themselves, designate a drink limit or create a system to arrange carpools with designated drivers before the party. If your employees expect an open bar for an all-night bash, set up taxi service to drive guests home when the party ends. According to the experts at the Rosengren Kohlmeyer Law Offices, getting a DUI can result in serious legal consequences. Don’t subject your employees to drinking and driving. Guest transportation is well worth the investment.

Use the tips above ensure your corporate holiday party becomes a can’t-miss event. One last tip: the night of the event, remember to enjoy yourself. After you spend time and energy planning a wonderful party, you deserve to reward yourself on a job well done.

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