Most Popular Landscaping Design Ideas to Help Create Picturesque Gardens

Most Popular Landscaping Design Ideas to Help Create Picturesque Gardens
January 10, 2019 Justin Jersey
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Nothing is more rejuvenating than a cozy, lush and serene private garden to lounge in after a long day’s work. Not only is it an area of relaxation and family time for you, but your own little garden can also make for the perfect spot to host your friends over that outdoor cook-out you have been planning for weeks now. Well, whoever said nothing worth having comes easy certainly meant it for cultivating and maintaining private landscapes in your humble abode. But with the right kind of approach and planning, you can make the garden of your dreams come alive before your eyes, in the literal sense.

To help you along the way, we’ve got you five trends that are most popular in landscaping design which are going to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

Garden Landscaping

Garden Landscaping

Your Own Garden Walkway: If there is one point you must pick from the most popular landscaping designs, it is this. Creating a flowery walkway into your little sit-out completed with an archway of creeper flowers is the perfect way to usher in the guests into your little green patch. Your Arbour is going to flaunt an enchanted and regal look with a little entryway that is straight out of a fairy-tale.

Make Your Garden Multi-Dimensional: A small garden patch can be accentuated for want of space by making use of plants that grow vertically. No, it is not just about the trees and shrubs. We are talking about vertically growing plants such as vines, ferns, begonias and the like. Not only do they lend a scenic touch to your garden, but they also help bring in a whole lot more to an area that’s limited in size. A piece of advice though – you are going to want to plant them in bunches to see the beauty unfurl. A couple of them would do injustice to the beauty they can lay out for your eyes.

Accessorize: Creating the garden of your dreams doesn’t have to dig a hole in your pocket. One of the most scenic elements in the most popular landscaping designs we have seen off late is the placement of quirky accessories such as birds stand, a vintage bike, a pile of gorgeous pebbles and the like. These are cost-effective ways of making sure there’s more than just plant addition to your little hideout.

Let Your Seating Make A Statement: You certainly are going to invest in outdoor seating for your private garden.  Why not then, put some thought and effort behind it to make it a style statement in itself? The most popular landscaping design is timeless – elegantly themed outdoor seating that is cozy, stylish and eye-catching. We have seen simplistic metal furniture have a lot of takers over the past few years and the trend is certainly here to stay.

Pot Hangers: We have been seeing a whole lot of these in every private and commercial garden all through these seasons. Pot hangers allow you to leverage vertical space by placing small plants in pots along a wooden wall or fence. They make for a perfect arrangement if you are looking to bring in a variety of plants in your garden. Not only are they extremely easy to maintain, but they also allow you to grow various kitchen plants and herbs that can also add to your culinary delights. This one surely is our favorite from the score of the most popular landscaping designs that we have seen being featured across various picturesque gardens over the last few seasons.

We hope the above ideas have given your imagination a stir and encouraged you to explore the numerous options in the most popular landscaping designs.

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