Morale Matters: 4 Ways to Create a Positive Working Environment for Your Employees

Morale Matters: 4 Ways to Create a Positive Working Environment for Your Employees
April 16, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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We spend much of our time at work. This time spent at work makes up our day for the most part, as we often carry what happened in the office back home. The expectancy of this continuing for the whole week can be both traumatizing or encouraging depending on the atmosphere at work. To create a positive work environment it does not take too much. Simple steps can make employees feel better, be more productive, and relate better among each other.

Positivity and Gratitude

When it comes to relating to people, the simplest solutions give the best results. Positive reinforcement can come in the form of statements such as:

  • I appreciate how you…
  • I enjoy working with you.
  • It impresses me how you…
  • You are great at…

Gratefulness is also a way to show someone what you like about their work. This throws a light on the positive aspects of the work of the employee instead of constantly being critical. This way the focus will fall on the productive things that the employee does and they will have more incentive to continue performing at their best.


A good co-worker and boss is not just someone who makes requests or handles the everyday hurdles. They are someone who motivates their employees or co-workers on a daily basis by little changes in the office or the way they speak. Posters with positive pictures or quotes, good plans for the future of the company, or a motivation for each one to be their best on an individual level is vital for the growth of the whole team.


Work is not all about work. When you take time to celebrate special occasions with employees, the work environment will become associated with things other than just everyday problems and tasks.

Encourage Movement

Too often an office environment is sitting in front of a desk immobile for the most part. Staying in one place makes people drowsy and stiff. Whenever you can, encourage employees to move around, have discussions between small groups of people outside, or do a walking meeting with others.

Of course, adding different conveniences like visitor Wi-Fi, a coffee machine, or a stand-up desk can make a big difference in the office. However, the simplest and fastest way to change the atmosphere and performance of the team is to change the way people communicate among each other, giving positive motivation, and using morale to make employees feel better.

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