Methods You Can Use to Focus When Your Mind Is Distracted

Methods You Can Use to Focus When Your Mind Is Distracted
December 12, 2018 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Technology is wonderful. Because of it, you have more tools and devices that help you become more productive and accomplish everything you have set out to do. You also have a wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips, as it only takes a single search and you have everything you require – including connecting with others from around the world.

While it sounds perfect that you have these advantages, there are also many disadvantages that are part of the package. For instance, chronic distraction for many people is a problem when they are trying to finish some tasks head of them. You access the internet through a safe means such as the Best VPN services, and you find yourself wasting numerous hours scrolling your feed and having fun.

The problem affects people at the entrepreneurship level as well. If you fail to take corrective measures against these behaviors, they will soon interfere with your productivity in the long term. However, what is the line to draw, and where do you draw it? How do you tell you have a major problem with distractions of technology, or just see it as nothing to worry about? Here are some problems that are associated with distraction.

Problems that distraction causes

Less attention to the members in your team

Just think about the last time you were attending a meeting, and you were scrolling through your Twitter or email feed. Were you paying attention to your colleagues? How many times did you interrupt the meeting to answer a phone call? You might not be doing this to your clients, but it is still bad enough when it happens with your team members – they will eventually suffer a loss in their morale.

Lost productivity

Never forget that the technological applications that are available to you also means you will waste more time because of focusing on things that are not worth your time or attention. For instance, checking the email 100 times a minute means that your working hours will be interfered with because of the time lost.

Distracted focus

Because of technological advancements and improvements, it is now very easy to multitask more than ever, or rather, tech will give you the illusion that you are good at multitasking. If you have two computers that are full of open applications and a tablet in your hand, you are actually not helping yourself to get more done. Because you are splitting your attention to different things, it becomes difficult to concentrate effectively on one task.

It is important to realize that focus is more of a learned skill. The more you practice in it and try various methods to accomplish something, the better you become at your work. It will not even need you to download extra applications anyway.

Approaches to solving the problem

Doing one thing at a time

A study by a professor from California State University that was once done on some students was measuring the length of time they were able to focus on a specific subject. The results showed the average time used to focus was about three minutes per task. The main reason was technology – all the time the student received a notification, their phone flashed or beeped, and so on, you cannot expect to be completely focused on the things you are doing.

The main fix is simple – turn off notifications. When you are sitting down and doing your work, turn off all the social media notifications you have, as well as other apps on your phone – even things like Dropbox and emails.

When you make this effort, you are more likely to have better focus on what you are doing. You might not turn off an important aspect like a phone call, but when you turn the others off, you will notice later that you did not miss anything much. All the notifications you have got throughout the day will still be there for you to read when you come back.

If you are feeling apprehensive, you can try it for a few hours. Turn off your Wi-Fi access too – you will eventually notice you will get much more done.

Accomplish similar tasks around the same time

If your job has a variety of tasks (which is the case many times), you can place them next to each other – when you finish one, you have time for the other. Ti will also minimize time lags due to changing tasks (studies have shown that it takes 15 minutes to regain the same focus levels before you were interrupted). Multiply that with the number of tasks you are changing – that is the total time you are losing.

For instance, if you are a writer, you can group all the writing tasks ahead in the morning, which means you can accomplish multiple tasks within a few hours. Later on when you finish the work, you can turn your focus to other missions.

Keep your focus on the present

It is very important to learn to focus on the work you have to do, instead of having daydreams about the results of the job. This is a constant struggle, because you are imagining that your work will result in millions in income or going viral. Even though this is a nice thing, it will not assist you to accomplish the tasks in reality.

To solve this problem, there us a method called the Pomodoro. This is a school of thought that burst of attention that are highly focused will assist you to accomplish so much more than you thought. The more you place your focus on the tasks you are accomplishing, the more you will get things done. Ifyou find yourself getting lost in thought because of stress or any other reason, remember to be attentive to the task before you.

Final thoughts

If you thought getting your attention on the tasks before you required fancy applications, then that is not really the case – in fact, the solutions are easier than you may realize. The more you do them, the more productive you will become.

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