Instagram Shopping – How Does It Work and What Benefits Does It Have for E-Commerce Businesses

Instagram Shopping – How Does It Work and What Benefits Does It Have for E-Commerce Businesses
February 19, 2019 Kelly Wilson
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In the initial years, Instagram was content to be just a photo-sharing app that users just loved to use and which, despite the huge attraction for businesses to engage potential customers permitted only a solitary link in the bio section. However, now that it has got a really substantial base of users, it is rolling out features that are making it friendlier to e-commerce businesses. The shopping feature that Instagram is launching in phases worldwide is quickly finding acceptance by both users and e-commerce retailers. A quick look at what Instagram shopping is all about:

Instagram Shopping – Another Retailing Avenue for Businesses

Shopping on Instagram is a radical development by a platform that hitherto allowed only a link in the bio for users to go to the website to buy products. Now e-commerce businesses have the opportunity to turn their pages into storefronts from where users can browse the product catalog and make purchases without leaving Instagram. The shopping feature has been launched in America in October 2017 and has met with an enthusiastic response. Just like in regular posts, businesses can select photos and post them with the appropriate tags, add a caption, let people discover it and buy the products of their choice. Customers can do everything, including learning more about the products and actually purchasing it, from within the app.

Currently, retailers are allowed to tag a maximum of five products per image posted, and up to 20 if the post has multiple images. Real Instagram followers clicking on a tag on the post will see the product image and description as well as the product price and a link to the website.

Instagram Shopping Benefits

Implementing the shopping feature on your business account on Instagram is a no brainer for e-commerce businesses simply because of the huge attraction of getting access to a potential user base on one billion-plus, of which, a mammoth 500 million check into their accounts daily. According to statistics, 80% of users follow at least one business and 60% confess to having gotten to know about products from Instagram. The Shopping feature makes the customer journey to final conversion shorter and thus there is less likelihood of customers dropping out. According to, “Instagram shoppable posts let sellers create a seamless shopping experience.” Apart from opening up another avenue for generating traffic to the website, extra sales revenues and engagement with posts are achieved. It allows retailers to showcase the products in a far more effective and persuasive way and also allows them to use user-generated photos to promote their products. The shopping feature also opens up fresh avenues for collaborating with other brands or conducting cross-promotion exercises.


Among the most important factors for ensuring that your e-commerce initiative on Instagram meets with success is your ability to have a fully optimized website that is geared to convert potential customers clicking on products on the Instagram page. A well-organized storefront is a prerequisite for achieving the boost in e-commerce transactions and making your online retailing business a success. If your potential audience is on Instagram, the shopping feature can help significantly to drive extra traffic and sales.

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