How to Organize the Perfect Company Event

How to Organize the Perfect Company Event
November 22, 2018 Liam Smith
Liam Smith
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The most important purpose of any company is to create profit. However, every truly large company knows that there are so many other things that their business involves. One of these tasks is taking care of the employees and the clientele. That is why companies from time to time organize events that are a great opportunity for its workers to relax or perhaps establish rapport with new business partners. Such events can be on a large scale that includes a lot of planning and preparation. That is why they ought to be approached seriously as there are so many things that need to be tended to. If you are unsure what a complete preparation for such an event implies, then do read on.

Determining the budget

No matter how big (or small) your budget is, it can always be sufficient if you are wise enough. Since these corporate events are an excellent opportunity for marketing, you can always introduce sponsors and donors to alleviate the final cost. For instance, a local hotel can provide the venue in exchange for a huge commercial advertisement they get. Food, drinks, decorations etc., can all be hired for free if you are persuasive enough. Once you have a rough estimate on the costs, plan out your budget. Finally, always leave some funds in case of emergency, if someone doesn’t show up, like the music band, and you have to find an alternative.


Creating a guest list

There are several types of company events. They can be as trivial as a Christmas party for the employees or as serious as a gala reception for all the business partners. No matter the scale of the event, you should be made known who is coming. In terms of the sheer number of people, this will help determine how much food and drinks to order and how large of a space will they be needing. It is also important to know who is coming so you could customize the event to suit their needs. A party for the employees can have karaoke as a great form of entertainment, while a formal event intended for the clients could feature classical music. This is not true only for music, but the choice of the menu, whether alcohol will be served, and the choice of the venue will all depend on whom do you want to entertain. That is why an accurate guest list is a must, regardless whether guests are going to sign in at the entrance.


Confirming all arrangements

If it’s a formal event, then guests could be asked to confirm that they are coming at least 24 hours in advance. This is optional, but you as the organizer will have to make significantly more confirmations and reconfirmations. It is not enough simply to arrange something, but you have to confirm the day before or on the day of the event that things are going to get done as prearranged. For example, if you agree with the catering company that they will bring the food and the caterers on Saturday at 5 PM, then text them on Saturday at 10 AM to confirm that they are coming. If there is no reply, then call them. This should be done with every item on the planning checklist.

Safety first

Any venue that brings together a large number of people, no matter how peaceful and laid-back it is, can be considered a safety risk. That is why you must ensure that all the guests are safe throughout the event. In practice, this means covering up the pool unless it is going to be used, so nobody could accidentally fall in it. Also, there might be a crowd at the entrance or you would want to block off certain areas. This is where mobile pedestrian barriers will come in handy. They will help direct the guests to the location you want them to be and stay away from danger. A useful application of these barriers is in the parking lot, to direct the people who have left their respective cars which way to go without running into traffic.

Implementing high-tech solutions

We live in the age of technology and your event should reflect this. Install flat TV screens around the venue which could show a short video about the rise of the company, for instance. For large-scale projections, you could have a video beam which all the guests could see. Make use of the fact that everybody has a smartphone on their person. You could place QR codes all over the place for them to scan and open desired web pages. One thing that every event definitely needs is access to an open Wi-Fi network. This would do away with miles of cables as all the gadgets could be connected wirelessly. There could even be an app or a questionnaire that can be filled out online as a follow-up to the event.

The people you work with

Large companies are aware of the importance of corporate events, that they have already delegated specialized event teams. If your company lacks one, this is the perfect opportunity to create it. No man is an island and this is especially true for event organizers. They rely on a team of people to deliver the results. You should choose people who are first and foremost interested in helping you organize the event. A skillful person who is grumpy about participating is a very bad choice. Furthermore, pick a member of the staff from each division; you could have onboard experts from all areas. An IT expert can help you with installing the aforementioned high-tech gadgets, while someone from management can help you populate a guest checklist. A useful tip is to include younger colleagues as well because they are more motivated than others and display genuine optimism for the event.

All in all, good organization and planning are key to managing any company event. Use all the resources at your disposal, from the money to manpower, to create a memorable corporate event.

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