How to Enhance Your Personal Brand with a Business Card

How to Enhance Your Personal Brand with a Business Card
February 20, 2017 Yomi Jegede

Clever business cards are designed to do two things really well: introduce you to a new person and make that person want to stay in touch. It sounds simple enough, but there are many subtle nuances that go into creating a truly amazing business card.

The good news is, you can update your business card with revisions that are as simple or dramatic as you want. In the image below, the creative team at Company Folders shows some simple ways to enhance a business card—like organizing the layout or eliminating unnecessary contact info. But they also point out the need for cool options like custom die-cuts or unusual manufacturing materials if you really want to stand out.

With business cards getting bolder and better than ever, it’s important to learn what options are out there. These 8 tips for designing great business cards will teach you how to make a custom business card that tells recipients who you are and what you do—using the latest and greatest design techniques.


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